4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Idlbeokay_bob‏ @idlbeokay

  1. Maybe we should come up with a meme that indicates the more virulent the opposition, or use of sexual innuendos in an anti-2A comment, the smaller the brain capacity.

    P.S. After I posted this I happened to venture onto Kim Dutoit’s page (http://www.kimdutoit.com/) and on another topic he offered this reminder remark which I post here as a possible starting point for my proposal:
    “That argument is so indisputably, miserably wrong that it could only have been made by an intellectual.”

    • I’d probably substitute “Democrat” or “gun banner” for “intellectual” but any of them gets the point across.

  2. Read a twitter exchange the other day. (I’m no good at links.)
    Girl; every time I meet a guy that has a gun. I ask him, “Whats wrong with your dick?”
    Guy replies; Ya, I used my dick on an intruder once. boy, did I get in trouble. the police were pretty upset. the intruder had to go to counseling. and now I’m on a list! just use a gun!

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