Quote of the day—Doug Casey

That’s why everything has become politicized in the US. Americans have come to see the State as their parent, so they’re constantly pleading with it, like children, asking it for favors and benefits. Like children, they expect the State to magically support them.

They don’t seem to understand that the State isn’t a cornucopia. It’s the opposite. It’s a dangerous parasite. A huge tapeworm in the body of society.

Doug Casey
July 2019
Woke Capitalism: Answering a Question Nobody Asked
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Doug Casey

  1. Perhaps I am letting it off too easily, but I’ve said that “sometimes It’s the jockey, but usually it’s just the saddle.
    Tapeworm is good. A dealer that takes a part of every pot, The Mafia Protection goons.

  2. Yep. And most people know it intectually, and perfectly well. It’s just that NO ONE wants to be that first person yanked away from the teat. Everyone on the teat wants to be that last person to take a suck. Maximum comparative advantage and all that. Morals don’t matter. Get the goods and rationalize it somehow later, if in no other way than to say, “If I don’t get it, someone else will.”

    This is total moral depravity. Everyone involved will justify it, which of course makes it all the worse.

    Also; it violates every one of the Ten Commandments (just so we’re clear). The Catholics re-wrote the Decalogue, and others have been chipping away at its meaning for centuries (naturally), and so it is important to get as close to the real thing as you can. In the English language that would be the KJV.

    Right there in the Ten Commandments you will find, beautiful, elegant and brilliant, the proscriptions against every single evil thing all the statists, authoritarians, Marxists, communists, socialists, Progressives, fake conservatives, post-modernist secular humanists, mob bosses, popes, pimps, cultists, god-kings, preachers, secret societies and petty street criminals, et al, etc., etc., have been doing for all of history.

    This then is the patience of the saints; that they keep the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. If both of those criteria are not met, there is no life in them.

    Sure, you can (and we all have for all of world history) come up with your own alternative criteria and tests, but that’s the real one.

    It’s sad how the simplest things are at the same time the most critical and the most readily ignored. I have a digitally programmed and controlled blender for example. It is quiet and has many different programs it can run for various blending tasks. It’s an amazing feat of modern cleverness, and yet it blends poorly due to the blade design and it inevitably dribbles product down the outside of the pitcher every time you pour from it. Right, so we skip over the fundamentals, because those things don’t highlight our own shining cleverness. If we spend much of our time learning those things which were known by our ancestors (the basic physics of the “drip loop” for example) and we’re not on the “cutting edge”. It’s a distraction from the cutting edge, right? We’ll feel we’ve stepped “backwards”, and yet it’s the only way forward.

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