Quote of the day—KarenVCU (@KarensHavoc)

Big gun = small wienie  Embarrassing #RVA #Virginia again surrounding unarmed @MomsDemand & children who are fighting to keep kids & workplaces safe #gunsense laws

KarenVCU (@KarensHavoc)
Tweeted on July 9, 2019
[When the arguments are weak, the weak lash out, and then we get another Markley’s Law Monday! And they delete their tweet because these cowards know they can’t defend themselves in the free marketplace of ideas.

H/T to Craig @SpaceSquids, The Original SPQR in 3D‏ @SPQRzilla, and less fat Dave‏ @BigFatDave.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—KarenVCU (@KarensHavoc)

  1. I really hope and pray that the VA GOP has a good game plan and a strong ground game for the elections in November. The VCDL and the VSSA are working hard for Virginia gun owners and will be up against Mike Bloomberg and the DNC in a real fight.

  2. “MomsDemand & children who are fighting to keep kids & workplaces safe”

    “Fighting” for safety, and yet have not bothered to learn one shred, nor one scintilla, about real safety.

    That’s not fighting for safety. It’s fighting for attention, for undeserved credit, for “caring” but not understanding. If they truly cared, they’d educate themselves, and then they’d want only to advocate for liberty. As it is, they’re fighting for chaos (including more violence), because everything they say they want is based on ignorance, bigotry, and emotion. They are being played, thinking themselves virtuous in the process.

  3. Statements like this one are just Freudian projections of their own insecurities.

  4. How does their stated goal of “…fighting to keep children and workplaces safe” get accomplished with more strict gun control laws?

    Criminals and homicidal rampage killers obtain their firearms illegally or they pass background checks, depending if they are the former or the latter.

    You know what works? Average people like me with a CCW protect these morons and they either don’t even know it or refuse to acknowledge it. Ingrates. Perhaps I should let them die next time because they chose to insult me. Nope I am a good person.

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