Quote of the day—Isaiah Washington‏ @IWashington

Americans have always come together as ‘one’ when we have a identifiable threat or a common enemy and the Democratic Party fits the bill perfectly. #Truthdom #WalkAway


Isaiah Washington‏ @IWashington
Tweeted on July 13, 2019
[I don’t think it is quite that simple and clear cut, but I can see a good case being easy to make.—Joe]


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  1. First rule of propaganda is to make your enemy the Other. Demonize and denigrate them as less than human. The left has been doing this for years, and it’s really come to a head in the last few years (gun nuts, rednecks, clinging to guns and religion, and especially the Basket of Deplorables).

    I think the pendulum is just starting to swing back with more talk of the scarlet S (Socialist/Commie) and with the recent “Send her back” chant. They’ve been othering people like us for so long that we’ve started doing the same to them.

    The Chinese were right, we are about to live in interesting times.

  2. Like any civil war or guerrilla war situation, one of the primary problems in achieving victory is the necessity to identify the foe well enough to target and remove them from the conflict, while avoiding as much collateral damage as possible among non-enemy personnel and noncombatants. The ease of the leftist to blend into normal society is evident. All they need do is keep their mouths shut whenever they come under suspicion of being an enemy, and refrain from violent activities with other leftists to avoid instant retaliation.

    While most will be able to do this, a large proportion of leftists will not. Like vegans, crossfit trainees, and woke college students, most leftists will reveal themselves uncontrollably through vile speech or viler actions.

    Trump won reelection in 2020 when he tweeted that leftist calumny “…will not be allowed to go unanswered.” This challenge to the leftist narrative brought forth a full assault by the left upon him – RAAAAAAAAACISM charges – because he dared openly state that he will not only defend liberty, he will answer the false propaganda of the left. Good for him, good for us!

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