Quote of the day—Cam Edwards @CamEdwards

Turns out the California county with the most concealed carry licenses has a lower homicide rate than LA County, where it’s easier to win an Oscar than get a CHL.

Cam Edwards @CamEdwards
Tweeted on July 16, 2019
[Reference article, also by Edwards, is here.

Just another data point demonstrating that anti-gun people lie. It’s part of their nature.—Joe]


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  1. John Lott said it years ago: “More guns, less crime”.
    It remains the correct analysis in spite of the victim disarmers’ efforts to discredit it.

  2. “…county with the most concealed carry licenses has a lower homicide rate…”

    Well that’s the whole problem, of course.

    This goes directly to what we’re discussing here;

    The leftists see the same data that we see, they hate the fact that statistics favor liberty, and so they have no choice but to lie and try to reframe the conversation.

    Yet again, this is a glimpse into the workings of the criminal mind. Rather than acknowledge the benefits of having relatively righteous people in their midst, carrying guns and thus benefitting the entire community and society, they have to blame their benefactors and seek to “free” themselves from the standards, laws and practices of those relatively righteous people. Thy don’t want peace if they can’t be in control or get decreed it for the works of others. They simply won’t have it!

    They know gun ownership, on balance, saves lives, and they hate all that life saving. They especially hate the fact that they’ll never get any credit or any boost in their “authority” from it. More than anything else, they hate the fact that it reveals their faults and iniquities, and undercuts their entire system of worldly lordship of Man over Man. Rather than repent and change their ways, they’ll attack the “problem”, which is the people that make them uncomfortable. The Deplorables. They want to be “liberated” from the relatively righteous.

    The Catholic and Jesuits leaders wrote very succinctly about this long ago, saying that laws and society should be made for sinners, and that no one could live with the few righteous around anyway. This is the basis for all communist, socialist, Fascist (all leftist) doctrines, which are in turn only modern iterations of the ancient “god-King” mentality, being the mentality of absolute power, infallibility, and absolute, unquestionable and final authority.

    No standards or laws, other than the ones made under such “god-king authority” can ever be seen as superseding or overruling the current god-king iteration. Thus the U.S. constitution and the Ten Commandments are specially-targeted enemies, as are Biblical Christians, while all manner of Pagan ritual, astrology, pagan tribal superstition, Eastern mysticism, Spiritism and so on are to be considered charming, beautiful, quaintly worldly and even wise. They all point back to the worldly god-king super-ruler “authority” concept you see, where pride, brute strength and allegiance to the mob leader god-king “authority” trump all morality and standards.

    Again and again, this is the essence of “Liberation Theology”. The thing we are to be “liberated from” is our restraining conscience, and any standards of decency, and of course, any and all of God’s law, for if God is the authority, and Christ our only hope for salvation, then there’s no room for a pope, or a mob don, or a Global Central Planning Commission, et al.

    They don’t want us confessing to Christ. Instead they want us pleading to them and their usurped “authority” for our very lives, as though pretension could ever really change the balance of power!

    So it’s a play they want. Pure theatre. Not real. But they really, really want it nonetheless. I think they may actually believe that if they can get us acting convincingly enough, out of fear and agony, then somehow they will really have true and total power “like the most high”. History is replete with examples of this, from all ages and all parts of the map. We needn’t go into any great detail because you all know the basic drill.

    It all sounds crazy because it is crazy. Absolutely. That is the criminal mind, unfortunately, and no amount of modern scientific discovery or learning will change it one bit. It is quite beyond our power to cure it, but we can certainly expose it until the leftists and their minions go bat-feces insane thus revealing their hand early and stumbling themselves up in the process!

    “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” Ephesians 5:11

    Those are marching orders, Soldier!

  3. Correlation doesn’t equal causation. There may be other differences between the two counties that also correlate to relative homicide rates, and it’s not a given that a higher CCL rate drives lower homicide rates in and of itself

    That said, knowing LA, I’d much likely prefer living in the other county no matter which one it is.

    • It may be that increased concealed carry rates do not decrease homicides. But when there is a <= 0 correlation (concealed carry rates versus homicide rates) it means concealed carry cannot be a significant cause of homicide.

      • Agreed. I hadn’t thought of looking at the obverse hypothesis in that light. Thank you.

    • A good way to make the argument for causation rather than mere correlation is to observe which of the two parameters consistently leads and which one consistently trails. This is what Lott did, as I recall. More gun ownership among good people is a leading indicator of reduced crime.
      Another way to make the argument is to ask questions. Lott mentioned that a reporter (back in the days when they actually did journalism) interviewed some of the robbers who preyed on tourists in Florida during that crime spree some years ago. He (she?) asked why they preyed on tourists particularly. The answer? “Because we can pretty much count on them being unarmed”.

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