Quote of the day—Nate McMurray (@Nate_McMurray)

I want to change the conversation. I’m tired of people saying “things will never change.” I’m tired of walking on egg shells. After Sandyhook, if that’s where you’re at, you’re wrong.



Nate McMurray (@Nate_McMurray)
Tweeted on June 26, 2019
[Who is this “we”? Most cops are opposed to that idea.

I would like to suggest McMurray get a little practice in before he goes nationwide with that plan. I’d like to suggest he stop in at my place in Idaho sometime so I can give him a lesson or two.—Joe]


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  1. Yes Nate, so are we. COME AND TAKE THEM! You can have mine, hot, dirty, and empty.
    P.S. Joe, let me know if you need any holes dug. I’m old. but still handy with a pick and shovel.

    • Should that need ever arrive I have access to a woodchipper, backhoe, bulldozer, and 1000s of acres of land. I also have access to a boat and some very deep lakes.

      Thanks anyway.

      • Yes, and a very deep lake. It must not have been there when you were growing up. In your post about growing up you talked about working and going to school. I would have failed 5th grade and dropped out with a lake like that next door!

  2. I wonder how gun grabbers would describe hell: fire and brimstone or free men living happy lives?

  3. He wants “change” but clearly doesn’t know what sort of “change” he’s really advocating.
    Wants to be “bold” but I don’t believe he knows what that means.
    Wants to take our “assault weapons” and therefore, clearly, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about but instead is running with spoon-fed terms that someone else made up for political reasons.

    I have no more interest in trading threats. As Dennis Prager often says, “I prefer clarity to agreement”. Indeed, there can be no true belief, no understanding at all, one way or the other, and no meaningful disagreement, even, without clarity.

    McMurray can say it “bold”. What difference does “boldness” make? It’s pretend bold. Fake. Does it make him feel powerful and intimidating? But what if you’re being a jackass and exposing your ignorance, and no one is intimidated? Just ramp up the violence then? And what if you’re advocating a criminal act?

    McMurray clearly doesn’t know the first thing about what he is saying. It’s pure emotionalism, based on the lies he’s been fed. Rather than react in kind, with counter threats and such, the only way to approach these problems is to try to find clarity. Agreement may never be reached, but at least we’d know what we’re fighting about. Right now he has no clue.

  4. His “we” are people that are not him that will fly the drones and drop the nukes. He comprises of the far left; about 10% of the population, that literally want to exterminate the other 90%.

  5. Perhaps he does not realize that achieving his goal will require more than thumbs on a magic elf box.

    • Jack;
      The only rules are what you can do to the enemy and what you can stop the enemy from doing to you.

  6. I’d pay his air fare to Boomershoot 2020 to let him bear witness to 50+ individuals all capable of demonstrating of what he’d be facing in his quest. And then invite him to start with the “assault weapons” in use at the High Intensity event. Any guns he can get his hands on and get away from their owners he can keep.

    Might as well put his beliefs to a practical test and let the mud fall where it may.

    There’d be boomers still on the berm afterwards due to a lack of ammunition to detonate them. But it would be one of the most memorial high intensity events ever!

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