6 thoughts on “I love sick humor

  1. Given that military parades are a fundamental part of various socialist or communist regimes, I’m surprised that the Antifa and Bernie supporters weren’t wildly enthusiastic about plans for military participation in the Fourth. But then, they couldn’t express enthusiasm, because Trump.

  2. I was annoyed at the reaction, because the tanks in Washington DC “behaved” nothing like the tanks in other capitals around the world in the past, e.g. Tiananmen Square in 1989, Prague in 1968, Budapest in 1956 or Berlin in 1951. But the ones who are most likely to imitate those other occasions of tanks in the capital, are the ones most complaining, and the loudest, about having tanks in an American Fourth of July Parade. You’d think the parade was to commemorate the defeat of the Democrats role models and heroes or something.

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