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What were we fleeing that was so horrible? Communism. We weren’t fleeing global warming, or capitalism-created poverty, or any of today’s tear-jerking, media-popular reasons. We were fleeing communism. The same communism that is being played out daily in Venezuela. The same communism that some historically illiterate politicians are embracing. The same communism that the American academic scene has become orgasmic about. The same communism that the black hooded thugs of ANTIFA want to shed blood over. Communism, socialism, or what ever the next deceptive name its given is all the same, a poison to the human spirit that we will refuse to ingest.

What exactly is communism? Before anyone even suggests they know the answer to that, they must set down their experience in the matter. Having an advanced degree from some left-leaning university doesn’t count. Nor does it count if all you did was read a book by some alcoholic writer extolling its virtues. And if the only reason a political group is adopting communist ideals is that communism directly contradicts the American President and what he represents, then that person is not only a traitor to America, but the worst kind of deceiver known to mankind.

Just like only a Holocaust survivor’s words can accurately describe the evil of Hitler’s Nazi machine, the only person that can talk with credibility and authority on the nature and reality of communism is one who has lived it in person firsthand.

Communism stifles the human spirit by denying everyone the opportunity to excel and better themselves. It confiscates what it considers “excess” from those who build things, and keeps it for its own purposes. Communism forces everyone to become servants of the government by nationalizing industry (that means they come and take your business), confiscating wealth (they go to the bank and physically take your money by force), indoctrinate the young through the educational system (they make little communists out of your kids), and require children to inform on their parents. They ration food, water, medicine, and fuel. They regulate religion until they can eliminate it.

And for those who suggest that what is happening is wrong, they have squads of armed communists that will find such people and kill them. Sometimes the murders will be through horrific tortures, or public street executions to send a message. Other times, by simply snatching them up and throwing them in a cell for years without any hope of reprieve.
Those who have lived under communism, and seen its result, feel about it in the same way that Jews feel about Hitler and his Nazi machine. And yet, while nobody is suggesting we give Nazism another shot, some are suggesting that very thing about communism.

…to the communists among us, a warning. No matter what you do, think, or accomplish. At some point the answer will be clear from those of us who know what communism is and leads to. Never again. I think you know what that means.

Gabriel Suarez
July 5, 2019
[H/T to Adam McIntosh.

I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. I like Gab. but I don’t have to jump off a cliff to know it’s a bad end. I’ve seen enough human carnage of communism to understand and speak out against it
    .And speaking of commies taking whatever they want. just reading Indiana wants to be able to steal, I mean confiscate, your car for going 5 miles over the speed limit.
    Looks like its our day in the “communist” barrel.

    • In California, my Uncle, the Highway Patrolman (formerly LAPD, formerly LA Sheriff, formerly USAF Air Police — a pattern?) could go five miles over the speed limit in his driveway before he reached the street. Once we were on vacation at the same time as them and saw them blow down highway 101 at a speed I would drive if I were escaping a tsunami or a tornado. That brass badge protects a lot of entitlement.

  2. Historical stories and tradition seem to have little influence on the left’s current narratives. They are more enamored with Marx and see a need to correct wrongs and inequality. And they are hell-bent on achieving their new world order along with putting a nail in the coffin of Western Civilization.

    We may be able to delay them, but the overall trend seems unstoppable unless we can change their narratives.

  3. “Communism” is just a more recent term for “Romanism”, which is the mindset that made the Dark Ages dark.

    Mankind has tolerated it (with only sporadic opposition) for all of history, and will continue to tolerate it until the end. Contrary to Gabe’s thinly veiled threat (which is properly motivated, and appreciated), we’ve been tolerating Romanism’s mass inculcation into the U.S. since before the country’s founding. If the proverbial frog were going to jump out of this pot, he’d need to have done so before Woodrow Wilson was elected POTUS, at the very latest.

    Just as the Germans engaged in industrial scale extermination of Jews and other “undesirables”, our own public schools and universities have been industrial scale, mass-production communist factories for generations, and, far from opposing them, we continue to support them.

    You want to talk about Nazis and all that kind of thinking in the early 20th Century; they got a lot of that shit from the American Progressives and Eugenicists, and they in turn got a lot of it from Darwin (an extreme racist) and he was influenced by the Humanists, and, and, and…. And all of that thinking is alive and well and thriving among the various leftist organizations and fraternal orders, which even some of you reading this, who think yourselves libertarians or patriots, belong to or support. The rest of us support them through taxes and trade.

    This is of course the one and only reason why leftists promote “Tolerance” and “Unity” and other similar, filthy nonsense, as ideals for everyone to live by. They need us to tolerate their criminal inclinations and unify with their criminal mindset, and of course we do.

  4. I’m interested in finding the means to bring the woke back to reality. We know that big tech is fighting any efforts to make the woke look bad or to promote conservative values. Today big tech is doing this by censuring non-woke messages. Messages like Joe’s post today are NOT generally known to the woke. We need ways to bring the woke back to reality, and to do this, we need to interact with them.

    Perhaps the Trump administration is going to help. Today, Tim Pool @timcast was invited to the White House Social Media Summit (this Thursday). If you have watched Tim, you know that he is moderate (some of the woke call him far-right) and has been very critical of the woke, big tech and their control of social media.

    If the summit results in concrete efforts to eliminate/reduce left-wing biases in social media, we need to get behind the administration and its efforts. We will also need to become more vocal on the major platforms. It will still be an uphill battle, but it is better than the alternatives.

    • If my leftist brothers and their Maoist wives are any indication, Trump could come to their house and do the political equivalent of turning the water into wine, and make the loaves and fishes feed all the homeless in America, and it would still be, “But he’s TRUMP! It doesn’t count!”

  5. I know. I use to tag team religious types back in college. Never did convert anyone.

    This may be more likely IMO:


    Facebook actually allows you to break the law and incite violence against their chosen targets.

    Civil War when?

    Facebook issues new policy, bans death threats or statement that could lead to violence or death.


    FB “Unless…(mumble mumble mumble)”

    Wait, FB, like…violence and death threats against Nazis are okay?

    FB: “Yeah”

    Who’s a Nazi?

    FB: “Whoever the media tells us.”


    • which comes back to something George Orwell wrote in 1942. “The word ‘Fascist’ has no meaning now except ‘Something we dislike very, very much.'” Reading Richard Evans’s “The Coming of the Third Reich”, and “The Third Reich in Power” is an eye opening experience, as the bully boy tactics, the anti-intellectual attitude in Gymnasium (high school) and University , and the emphasis on orthodoxy instead of learning subjects, and the emphasis on health have disturbing echos in the Antifa today. And this is without considering Irving Peikoff’s “The Disturbing Parallels”, which he published in 1970.

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