Quote of the day—Aesop

Freedom isn’t free.

We can pointlessly argue “Should be” all we want. If people aren’t willing to kick up a fuss over these kinds of jackassical laws, they’ll lose the rights they don’t defend.

July 3, 2019
You Get The Rights You’ll Defend. And No More.

There are some suggestions for dealing with the stupid ammo restrictions that recently went into effect in California. We should be engaged in some creative thinking for dealing with the idiotic laws in other states too.—Joe]


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  1. They can’t stop tons of drugs from crossing their borders….I believe these laws are meant to shut down industry more than anything. once they pass a law, no industry will ship there. If you can remove it long enough from the mainstream. they win the culture war.
    When you can no longer say; hon, let’s take the kids shooting this weekend. they win.

    • Obviously the primary reason is harassment of certain kinds of people. It’s blatantly so. They are proud of it. It’s about humiliation, and forcing people to comply, to become used to insanity and coercion. But they’ll keep pushing until they are tried and hung for depriving people of their rights under color of law… Or a more formal Revolution 2.0, when pikes, tar and feathers, and ropes are more often used than legal statues and lawyers. I really, REALLY hope we only have to use the latter to solve the current unconstitutional behavior.

        • People, but not human beings. A subtle difference not lost on the totalitarians-statists.

  2. I think the most effective way to deal with laws that infringe or remove our rights would be to hang the politicians who enact them.

    • I can see how one could make that case. But “effectiveness” isn’t the only criteria. There are certain due process and practicality considerations that come into play as well. This is why I tend toward 18 USC 242. They may end up with a fine and/or prison sentence and a greater chance of recidivism, but, there are benefits as well. You are more likely to get convictions than if you insist on capital punishment for all law violations.

      • California now has laws requiring a background check to buy ammunition. November 19 (Kim Du Toit’s Birthday) used to be National Ammo Day, I propose that in California now, Every Saturday be California Ammo Day. Somebody is measuring throughput. Let the backlog from a creaky, honked-up system pile up on Saturday and Sunday and greet the government drones on Monday. Eventually word will ascend to whoever speaks to God in the California Legislature and something will be done.

        • Probably. (sigh),
          We’re living through a Ptolemaic* age of laws.

          *When the theory didn’t match the actual movement of the planets the answer was to add another epicycle to the theory, and the closer they measured the more epicycles they had to add. It’s the same with today’s anti-liberty and anti-self-determination laws. Something doesn’t work the way they think it should? Add another law. Somebody finds a loophole in your shiny new law that you’re unhappy they found? Add another law and gripe about violating the spirit of the law!

  3. How much do gun shops bottom lines depend on selling ammunition? If CA can drive their gun shops out of business, that’s effectively a ban on buying handguns.

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