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as a poor person thinking logically do I A) want to spend $600 & up on an AR15 Im never going to carry because of a tiny peepee or B) spend $300 om a pistol I can CCW or C) spend $150 on a crappy hi-point I can CCW. Ill take B and C before A. But I do have balls.

Oculusprince2017‏ @Oculusprince201
Tweeted on May 26, 2019
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

There is so much fail in this line of “reasoning” it’s no surprise they went with Markley’s Law.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Oculusprince2017‏ @Oculusprince201

  1. “But I do have balls”. from behind a computer screen? go for it big guy!

  2. On top of being a “Cheap Ass”. $600 AR, $300 CCW gun?
    “As a poor person thinking logically” I know it hurts, but keep after that logic thing! You might have a break-thru one day! Of course then you’ll have to deal with the painful memories of all the stupid crap you expressed in public, all those years.
    On second thought, just shoot for AOC staff member.

  3. You can carry an AR 15 with your arm instead of your tiny pee pee shit-for-brains,and highly unlikely anyone will bother you !

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