Another court victory

It’s very slow going but the courts are giving us wins:

Today, New Jersey Second Amendment Society received Judge Hurd’s order denying NJ’s motion for summary judgement, granting NJ2AS’ motion for summary judgement, and subsequently ordering the State of NJ to provide New Jersey Second Amendment Society with unredacted copies of Attachments A, B and C to the 2005 New Jersey State Police Firearms Applicant Investigation Guide within 30 days.

It has been 8 years since we first filed our lawsuit to gain access to the guide.

I remember listening to Alan Gura talk a year or so after the Heller decision. He said something to the effect of, “Don’t expect this to change anything overnight. This is just the start of something that people will still be working on 20 years from now.” That it took the New Jersey Second Amendment Society 8 years to get access to a few pieces of paper is very telling. The anti-gun forces really, really don’t want the public to know what they really think about, and how they treat, the Second Amendment.

It’s been 11 years since Heller and with the current rate of progress it looks to me like it could still be another 20 years before we might accomplish something that I might consider approaching an acceptable victory over the forces of evil.


9 thoughts on “Another court victory

  1. It’s good that there are those who strive in this way against the leftist agitators and anti-American revolutionaries. Asking the perpetrators to cough up their internal documents is asking them to convict themselves of sedition, treason and plotting and planning acts of violence. The only way that’s going to happen is if they are made to understand that, a) the consequences of refusal are going to be worse that the consequences of their capital crimes, or b) they’ll be given some degree of immunity.

    Option ‘a’ is a virtual impossibility, and option ‘b’ isn’t much of an option in a gang which has blood oaths and tends to have its snitches end up in Fort Marcy Park with two self-inflicted, weak-hand gunshots to the back of the head.

  2. Problem is in less than seven years there will be a federal gun ban. Of all guns. Punishment for owning a gun will be execution either on the spot or in kangaroo courts. Radical Leftists are going to have total and complete control of the government. That control will be permanent. Since they are insane they will do what one would expect: make it policy to systematically exterminate EVERYONE they disagree with or opposes them. Since that’s 90% of the population it will be the policy of the United States government to exterminate 290 million United States citizens. All they wilhile calling the hundreds of millions they kill nazis and complain about how oppressed they are and they are the victims. Imagine Antifa with the nuclear codes; because they will have them. But these are people that want EVERYONE who is white, owns guns, votes republican, has any conservative values of any kind or disagrees with them in any way to be killed.

      • Everything I said was insane. It only seems crazy if you don’t think they will never get in power. But they will. And stay there. Forever. There are people that want that and we have an entire political party pandering to said group of people. You say it all the time: “They hate you and want you dead”. I don’t think to them numbers matter. EVERY democrat so far has called for banning guns. Some have called for forced confiscation and one called for using nuclear weapons. With current immigration rates and how the left controls ALL mass media, ALL public platforms, ALL banking and finance, MASS censorship of conservatives online and political violence against us ignored or dismissed the democrats will have total permanent single party control in less than 20 years. They want your guns and would gladly kill you and all gun owning America.

        Tell me how I’m missing the mark? I’d really like to read your take on this. On how the democrats looking at current trends are not going to have total power in a few years. Because we both know what happens when socialists and communists run the show.

        • I think this is the part where you miss the mark:

          Problem is in less than seven years there will be a federal gun ban. Of all guns.

          They have to win both houses and the White House. Then they will have to pack SCOTUS. Then they will have to get the military to comply with the illegal orders to get past all the county sheriffs who won’t go along with the bans. Then they will have to find people willing to take bullets doing body guards duty from a half mile away in any direction.

          All that will require more than seven years. During the ramp up they will need to find transportation that can remain functional while taking improvised (and some modern day) mortar fire. As the conflict escalates the cities will need to defend, or find alternate, sources of electricity, long distance communication, food, and water.

          That the end result will result in permanent power for the radical leftists is far from clear.

          • Then again, they might read “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” and interpret it as an instruction manual. You know, the way they do with “1984”.

          • I know I sound crazy. These are nightmare scenarios. But the more I look at everything the more and more it seems like it could happen. Especially given the radical leftist mindset of ‘everyone not like me should die’. You have some good points and I’m going to think about them and take them to heart. But you seem to think we are dealing with sane people that have an inner voice, can be reasoned with and talked to and actually care about there fellow man in any capacity. They only want to use there fellow man to control them and attack and/or kill them if they get out of line. I am much more black pilled on this given current trends on immigration and voting trends, populations and birth rates. I believe we are in the final years of the total collapse of Western Civilization. I am convinced this cold civil war is going to go hot and we’re going to be on the receiving end of a lot of death and destruction at the hand of these radicals when they eventually get in power. The only thing they care about is power and they don’t care what they have to do to get it. If killing tens or hundreds of million of people is a means to that end they will go full into it. After all they don’t view us as fellow humans but insects that need to be exterminated. Mass starvation, death and destruction doesn’t matter to them. Only power. I really want to be wrong and hope that this global nationalist populist movement keeps going and the progressive movement is abandoned for the liberties we have but I’m not optimistic. We’re being outbred and the influx of people that refuse to integrate and have no feeling towards the bill of rights and do not understand the concept of individual liberty are removing what liberties we still have.

  3. I’m from Pa, and have worked in shops in Bucks Co, north if Philly.

    The stories I hear coming out if that state are horrifying. The only way to prove that your life is under threat is to be killed.

  4. Matt:
    here is an example of it:

    Guy I know bought a boat from an auction by the NJ Marine Police. Turned out to be stolen. Couple cops went to jail. Sometime later, he opened the door of his truck and a shotgun inside fired. Trigger tether was too short, and the shot hit the edge of the door. Shotgun was traced to a friend of the Superintendent of the NJ State Police. As far as I know, no arrests were ever made. No carry permit allowed.

    More than 20 years ago. This story got really complex, and the state level cops screwed with him for a long time. Lots of court involvement over the years fighting the corruption that turned up. Would make an entertaining book/movie, I think, but not while he is still living there!

    Very corrupt state at every level of government. Nice people there, but the politics are crazy.

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