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This is a based on what has to be a deliberate lie. Lyle said it best yesterday:

There’s that insidious “Arm Teachers” lie again. “Arm” is a verb. It’s something you’d be doing TO teachers; arming them. As though they don’t get a say in the matter. That’s the big lie in all of this. It evokes images of poor old Mrs. Jones being dragged, kicking and screaming, out of her Kindergarten class and hauled, by grim men in sunglasses, to a shooting range where she’d be forced, crying and shaking, and against everything she believes in, to learn to shoot a 44 Magnum.

In fact all anyone ever wanted was get the fuck out of the way of those teachers who already have training and carry permits, who are already carrying guns responsibly everywhere BUT the schools they work at, and allow them to also carry at school where they could then have a chance of defending innocents should the need arise.

allowing armed teachers to also be armed at school is not a government program. It is the elimination of existing government interference. It isn’t something government would DO. It is something government would STOP DOING.

I think part of the problem is that anti-freedom people find it difficult, or even impossible, to imagine a solution to a problem to involve less government.

Closely related, they are unlikely to ever admit that government caused a problem which is now in need of a solution. The “gun free zone” concept was sold as a government solution to a relatively rare problem. The unintended (I’m being generous with giving them the benefit of the doubt) consequences of this was mass shootings in these “gun free zones”. The last number I heard was something over 90% of all mass shootings occur in these victim disarmament areas. Mass shootings are a government created problem. The politicians who implemented these murder zones should be prosecuted.

The whole concept of “free markets and free minds” is alien to them. Alien, scary, and to be fought against with all power at their disposal. And when that power isn’t enough they must diminish the power of those who oppose them. Hence, disarming those who value liberty becomes a high priority.


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  1. “The whole concept of “free markets and free minds” is alien to them.”

    It’s the primary enemy of the left. It’s their deadliest enemy because the very concept of Liberty ruins absolutely everything they stand for.

    Their religion of earthly power worship has it’s doctrine founded in the notion that people cause problems by having the impudence and stupidity to make their own decisions and live their own lives. Government solves these problems by exercising wholesale coercion and extortion. That’s the whole gig.

    Liberty, or anything that points to it, is thus a deadly enemy; an enemy of the people and of the state. Liberty is an enemy of the people because the people, being too stupid and selfish to know what’s good for them and the planet, must be directed and ordered by government, in all matters, for their own good. Liberty is an enemy of the state because it denies the state’s absolute, unquestionable and infallible authority.

    Anyone who dares question these two absolutes is essentially a terrorist and should be killed. The soviets called them “wreckers” and killed them by the millions. The papacy calls them “heretics”, killed them by the millions during the Dark Ages, and wants them all killed some more today.

    That violent, anti-libertarian attitude is perfectly, and in all ways, represented in the institution of the papacy.

    • After about grade 6 – 8, depending on the student and teacher, a student could do real damage. Earlier than that if they gang up on a teacher.

      • My mother has been attacked in the classroom by students with sufficient force to require medical attention.

        Afterwards, the administrators pressured her not to file a police report. Of course, these were the same administrators that told her that she had to give 50% points-credit if a student merely showed up in class every day and consumed oxygen, and that she should also provide extra credit opportunities sufficient to get to 60%.

        • I hope she (a) files the report anyway, and (b) included a report that the administrators were attempting to obstruct justice.

  2. If we cant trust the teachers for ~6 hours a day around our kids with a firearm, can we really trust that teacher to be around the kids at all?

    Honest questions, if they are so prone to violence, or are willing to use a firearm as a wand of compliance, then they are not mentally fit to be a teacher.

    • Some of these leftist commentators indeed claim that teachers are mentally unfit to be trusted with guns. Just minutes later they claim that teachers are amazingly wonderful and deserve much higher pay than they get today.
      Somehow, they manage to hold both beliefs without having their heads explode. Probably because their heads do not contain enough substance to produce an explosion.

      • Probably because their heads do not contain enough substance to produce an explosion.

        There was a saying I remember from some location in my childhood: “If brains were gun powder, you wouldn’t be able to blow your nose.”

        Seems to match entirely too many people in positions of “authority” or influence.

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