Quote of the day—Chet M.

So we are Russians now!


Chet M.
June 11, 2019
Via email. More context here.
[So, what is the cartoonist saying? Concern over infringement of our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms is imagined?

Uhh… no. That’s a lie. No surprise. It’s what they do.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Chet M.

  1. Are Russians the new Nazis then? So everything the leftist agitators hate, whatever it may be, such as comes up from day to day, is now Russian?

    So we aren’t Nazi-Fascists anymore? Maybe the leftists discovered that they are in fact Nazi-Fascists and didn’t want to carry on down the road of calling us precisely what they are, as an epithet. “Russian” is far less specific, and therefore more useful.

    I guess that makes us “Male White Nationalist Patriarch Russian Extremists” or something. Maybe it also means that when the leftists have successfully fomented war with Russia, they can put us in internment camps like their hero, FDR did to the American citizens of Japanese and German descent .

    Not only is it impossible to define their terms, like “White Nationalist” in any standard or coherent way whatsoever, or to explain in coherent language why the Russians are supposed to be evil this time around, the fact that it can’t be defined or explained is one of its best features.

    It is a characteristic of weasel-speak that it contains indefinable straw man arguments. They can’t be directly refuted, you see.

    I keep saying it;
    In order to so consistently and effectively avoid, evade, obfuscate or mischaracterize the truth, one must KNOW the truth.

    It goes directly to the old saying; “Know Thine Enemy.” Thus they must know the truth very well, and completely, for how best to defeat it?

    Sometimes I think the leftist agitator movers and shakers (the Pontifex Maximus and the Jesuit generals and lieutenants) know the truth better than we know it ourselves. It’s perhaps why their alliance of evil has been ruling the world for so long.

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