Gun cartoon of the day

This is what they think of you.


In addition to the gross distortion of the “in fear of imminent death or permanent injury” criteria to use deadly force into “I felt threatened” there is more to point out here. Can anyone point out a single instance in the last 30 years where a gun control advocate was murdered because of their anti-rights advocacy? How about comparing the mass shooting and violent crime rate of those on the political right versus the political left?

This is projection and “tell a big lie often enough” psychology on the part of the anti-gun people. Don’t let them get away with this.


5 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. But people on the left are all mind readers. When they feel triggered, it’s because they just KNOW we are all racist, misogynist, homophobic haters that are just WAITING to pounce and do them physical harm at any moment. they KNOW this because the FEEL threatened and need their safe spaces!

    • Yup; they’re showing us how THEY want to react when “triggered” by people disagreeing with them.

      It’s projection alright, combined with Nazi-style propaganda, promoting fear, loathing and hatred against a whole group of people (and by extension the rights of all people).

      Anyone who thinks that might be an exaggeration; go ahead and dig up some of the old political cartoons out of Germany in the 1930s and ’40s, aimed at Jews, and you’ll see for yourself the blatant consistency of both theme and technique.

      There’s a Soviet component in there too. If you disagree with what they refer to as “sane” gun laws, it can only be because you are insane. Presumably then, you belong in an asylum.

      By extension, if you uphold the American Principles of Liberty, as embodied in the Bill of Rights (and more completely embodied in the Ten Commandments, which the leftists hate also) then you’re insane. You are a danger to yourself and others, and should be put away for the sake of the peace and safety of society.

      Rather than an Oath of Office to uphold, defend and protect the U.S. constitution, they’re demanding the opposite; an oath to attack, corrupt, and ultimately obliterate the constitution, and thus be “liberated” from its “unjust” constraints. Obama gave us that anti-oath, for example, when he denigrated the constitution as a “Charter of Negative Rights”.

      These leftists are warriors, they are intelligent (make no mistake about that), and they’re telling one another that the American people must be disarmed so they can “liberate” themselves (from all the constraining standards and principles of decency) and Get It On!

      • This all boils down to one thing; The Powers That Should Not Be want to change, “In God We Trust” to “In Our Lust For Power We Trust”. Therein lies the Great Controversy of the world.

      • This rot goes further and deeper than merely destroying the Constitution and the Republic which it forms. As Lyle says, they seek to “liberate” themselves [and everyone else, whether they want to or not] (from all the constraining standards and principles of decency) and Get It On!
        I just finished reading a book from 1990 , “Kinsey, Sex and Fraud”, by Dr. Judith A. Reisman and others. She made the very same observation of what Kinsey and his fellow “researchers” and supporters want. We have almost achieved his dream, with men/boys who identify as women able to compete with biological (excuse me, Cishetero women). With every standard of decency destroyed, the only one left seems to be adults having sex with children, and there are people working on that, too.
        “Get it ON!” indeed.

  2. Another thing, Leftists pretend that the “I feared for my life” standard is completely subjective, like the “hostile work environment” standard for sexual Harassment of women. The statutes or the court case that establish the standard for self-defense ALWAYS includes the word “reasonably”, which is what the law refers to as a term of art, meaning a judge will review the facts and circumstances to determine whether that fear was, in fact, reasonable. A situation like that in the cartoon would not even make it past the Preliminary Hearing, or whatever the criminal law equivalent of a Hearing on Motion for
    Summary Judgment would be. This is just another example of too many where the Leftists lie about what the law says, what the law does, and what the law allows.

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