Gun cartoon of the day

This is what they think of people with guns:


There are now several states that allow teachers and staff to carry guns in schools. Has something like this ever happened? No. It’s a lie. Lying is an essential part of their culture and we have known that for decades. If gun control comes up in conversations let them know gun control advocates lie about almost everything even when the facts are easily discovered and it does them no good to lie. It’s what they have always had to do to make “progress”.


4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Well, yeah, but on the other hand it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if students were a little afraid of their teachers, given some of the stories we hear coming out of inner city classrooms.

    I know when I was in school, a teacher armed with a Sig would have had absolutely nothing on Sister Ardala and her metal ruler … at least at classroom ranges.

  2. To be fair, there are a fair number of teachers I wouldn’t trust with a gun, and I say that as a teacher: I’ve been in classrooms that have posters of Che and literal Communist propaganda on the wall. I also would not trust them with teaching, or driving, for that matter, but it’s not my call to make.

    • Or voting. or contributing to candidates. Really, this translates to “Too many Leftists should not be allowed out without a keeper along.

    • Most of them don’t trust THEMSELVES with a gun, and since they think everyone else thinks the same way they do, they don’t trust anyone to be armed.

      They would be inclined to shoot anyone who “triggers” them over stupid things like parking issues. They at least are cognizant that they have no business handling weapons of any sort, most especially a distance weapon like a gun. Even sharp and pointy things are problematic, witness the idiocy in (great) Britain.

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