Quote of the day—Robyn Thomas‏ @RobynGLC

Don’t be fooled: the so called “hearing Protection Act” does nothing to protect hearing. It makes it easier for active shooters to inflict serious harm on our communities without being detected by trained law enforcement professions.


Robyn Thomas‏ @RobynGLC
Executive Director, Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
Tweeted March 13, 2017
[It sometimes amazes me how brazen they are in their lies. In this case we see two obviously contradicting sentences immediately adjacent to one other.

One should not be surprised at their lies. Deception and outright lies are an institutionalized and essential part of the anti-gun culture. It has been that way for over 30 years.

They are at war with us and they know it. Many on our side don’t quite understand that.  Give our enemies the “respect” they deserve.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Robyn Thomas‏ @RobynGLC

  1. If I gave ’em the respect they deserve they’d be treated to the rare astronomical phenomena of a full moon at midday, and I probably would be arrested for indecent exposure.

  2. Full embrace of doublethink, zero self-awareness or malicious intent.

    Taking all bets!

    • Ultimately it’s all driven by malice, though there are of course the Chief Perpetrator, his lieutenant perpetrators, and their multitudes of duped. Just who it is that’s more malicious than duped is not for us to determine, at least not until they’re all defeated, tried and convicted. That’s for their sentencing hearings.

      Likely they’re all duped by the chief perp, he thus spreading his malice into them, like an infection. It all works the same either way, anyhow, though doesn’t it?

      But there are some who are much more in the know than others, the studied, dedicated, sworn and betrothed worshipers of satan, so it’s a gradient, starting with pure malice mixed with lust for power at one end, fading to blind ignorance on the other. It’s one great alliance, in any case, so why get lost in the details?

  3. “Don’t be fooled, *insert lie to fool you*!”

    Only a shyster would utter such words.

  4. Actually we can turn these words on them.
    How about defining silencers as any device that can reduce the sound of a gun shot to less than 55 db, Hollywood shows such devices all the time.
    Today’s suppressors reduce the sound of a gun shot to jack hammer levels. No one with any amount of hearing will miss this.
    So, let’s leave silencer regulations as they are but remove suppressors from the NFA. They get to keep their silly silencer regulations. We get real world supressors minus the taxation and bureaucracy.

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