Quote of the day—Dana

Of the top five things people would never expect me to do, learn to shoot a gun is one of them.

This is exciting!

June 1, 2019
[I’ll have a full “new shooter report” later today.


In the picture above Dana is the woman on the left. Chris is on the right. By their own request, they are getting a sample of what self defense shooting is about.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dana

  1. Gotta nip in the bud that “modified cup & saucer” on the right. That’s a person who saw cop shows in the 1970s and ’80s.

    There’s an effort there, to follow your instructions, but an inability to fully shake off the TV influence.

    • Yeah. I had to correct the grip for both many times. And Dana kept leaning backward. They had problems remembering to remove their finger from the trigger too.

      At the end they were both getting good hits and I slacked off some on the corrections except for safety issues so they would end on high notes. For a first lesson I decided feeling good about what they did learn was better than having their flaws pointed out.

      • That’s my experience. Try to get some basics established but you can try to “fix” too much. People can only absorb so much at a time.

        • Yes, and best also to end before they get tired and things start going downhill. No sense practicing frustration.

      • Joe,
        I finally got my wife to the range for the first time yesterday. It was a last minute, “I want to go too” moment. I tried to do exactly what you mentioned above about ending on a high note. Just let her shoot about 100 rounds and get a feel for it while emphasizing safety. The most important thing was a success; she wants to go again. This time I will pay for an NRA instructor.

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