Gun cartoon of the day

Via email from Brian Keith:


This is what they think of you. They think of you as an evil person who shoots innocent school children.

As I said yesterday, what congress is really “scared” of regarding the NRA is the votes and activists they can bring or take away from candidates.


4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. We are the new Jews then! The Germans did exactly this to the Jews back in the 1930s and 40s, even including the part about urging the “courage” to deal with the “Jewish Problem”.

    Just dig up any of the anti-Jewish propaganda cartoons of the ’30s, put “NRA” or “Gun Owner” in place of “Jew” and you have it perfectly.

    Then there’s Dan Rather’s parting word, from his farewell interview after he was caught red-handed in a fraud; “Courage!”

    It’s a call to throw out any remaining shreds of morality, conscience, inhibitions or standards in the “Struggle” against the Perfect Law of Liberty. This is what the left thinks of as “freedom”; the freedom from all discernment and from all constraints, in the war against liberty and against Western (Judaeo-Christian) Civilization as a whole.

    This sort of “courage” will further distinguish, and rally, the evil against the good.

    Meanwhile the papacy is simultaneously rallying everyone into its “unity” movement, thus presenting the world with a choice between two false ideals, both of which lead to bondage. It’s the leftist agitators verses the Catholics, satanists verses luciferians, Republicans verses Democrats, the yin verses the yang. Take your pick; it doesn’t matter which. So long as you choose, you’ll be on the wrong side, and we can re-live the mid 20th Century, and the Dark Ages, all over again, but with even better technology this time.

    • Except that the tide is turning on abortion. We should be able to do the same thing with the 2nd amendment by using the legal system with better PR.

  2. Also; inserting the magazine into the firearm backwards is a “thing” now. It’s no longer just an error here and error there, but a movement. A community. Now we must even do it in our cartoon sketches. It is some kind of communication sign, tell, or gesture, now?

    Or is it, like blisters, grey skin, fever or precipitous hair loss, a telltale symptom of a specific malady?

    It seems too pointedly specific, too intentionally ignorant of basic mechanical principles, and at the same time too common, to be a random and totally innocent mistake in a time when basic information (or a simple photograph) is more readily available than ever in history. At a minimum, one must be at least slightly hostile to real knowledge to be so “innocently” ignorant.

  3. Blaming the NRA still? Lmfao, all they do is negotiate rights away while constantly begging its members for more money “to protect their rights”. They don’t do a damn thing except use the threat of more laws to collect more money, they love it, and they work hand in hand with congress to do so. Besides, constantly trying to demonize it’s members who have nothing to do with these act of violence, is downright ignorant…Nobody is to blame for these acts except the violent psychopaths that will continue to exist and harm others regardless of law changes.

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