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In the video Cuomo snarked on, Corban isn’t belligerently calling on Americans to arm themselves to prepare for civil war. She’s not even lauding limitless assault weapons or luxuriating in the gore of guns. She’s recounting how she survived being strangled and raped by a man who is currently serving life in prison, and how the Second Amendment empowers her to defend herself and her children from future threats.

Even if you’re in favor of restricting different kinds of guns or creating registry regulations, Corban is pretty much the worst target you could possibly focus your ire upon. Yet Cuomo cannot help himself.

Tiana Lowe
May 29, 2019
Constitutional ignoramus Chris Cuomo just can’t help himself, mocks a rape survivor
[This is what they think of your right to keep and bear arms. It is better to be violently raped than defend yourself with a gun.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tiana Lowe

  1. Why wouldn’t a megalo-maniac thief, psycho path, and god knows what other kind of pervert side with the rapist? In a parallel universe they would be best-buds!
    What your hearing is hubris, the distain he has for all victims. Thinking of him as the Marque-de-Sade of politics might be helpful.
    I don’t think the average human can fathom the evil that goes on in the upper crust of society. I know I would rather not.

  2. As sure as God made little green apples, Chris Coumo’s behind is protected by men with guns.

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