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In response to David Hogg:

You shouldn’t be able to by a gun, gun parts or ammunition over the internet.

I Tweeted:

A gun is like a book. Possession, use, and purchase is a specific enumerated right. You should be able to be purchase them any way, anytime, and anywhere.

That is my goal. Get used to it.

I’m getting a surprising large number of likes for that response.


4 thoughts on “Popular on Twitter

  1. We need Hogg targets. How about a match with all gun-grabbing politicians faces on the steel? Probably not a good idea. I mean, you could get stuck between Hillary and Bloomberg. Waste a whole mag rather than moving to the next target!

    • I’m not sure about people in general but I do know that people have gone to prison for creating and shooting at targets made in the image of living U.S. Presidents. It may extend to U.S. politicians in general.

      I don’t think the law should exist. It would seem to me to be a 1st Amendment issue. But that isn’t my understanding of the law. Therefore, I won’t be creating or attending a match with pictures of living people on the targets.

  2. Your response is spot on. Unfortunately it will be ignored by those who find it inconvenient to recognize what specific enumerated rights are. The objective of Progressives is to make everyone believe that rights are simply based on what you want so don’t confuse people by making them think about, evaluate and understand what “specific” and “enumerated” mean or what they are in reference to.

  3. To them you should not be able to buy a gun at all. They also think the ones you have should be taken, by force if necessary. And if you refuse the government should kill you.

    ‘Surrender your guns or we will take them by force and kill you, your family, and take your children to be taken to foster care to re-educate them. Or we’ll just kill them too’

    What’s sad is by 2025 at the latest that will be happening.

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