3 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. And of course they would rather glorify the sacrifice of students throwing themselves at a shooter than allow an assurance of self defense equal to or greater than the violent threat at hand. This cartoon not only reveals what they think of the NRA but also how they value the production of victims. It is truly sick. They really have no respect for humanity regardless of their pontifications.

  2. Also note that the woman reading her phone, is symbolically a brown woman dressed professionally, while the NRA member is a fat white guy dressed like a slob. Didn’t you know that we are all fat, uneducated rednecks?

    White, heterosexual men are the new Juden. Won’t be long before we will have to register. We won’t have to wear stars. Our skin gives us away.

    • Interesting observation, and true. We might add that the frumpy, aging professional woman depicted here is an example of the physically unfit creature of the system. She typically lacks real-world experience, having gone from high school to college to the classroom as a teacher or other profession.

      She would typically lack any means of feeding herself or keeping a roof over her head without stronger, more capable, more knowledgeable, more skilled people serving her needs and doing the difficult and dirty work to maintain the life she lives, and yet it is that very kind of strength which she loathes, fears and hates.

      It’s that elitist mindset which says, “serve me, feed me, take care of me and exalt me, but don’t ever let me see you and don’t ever try to make me think of you as human.”

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