Markley’s Law response

I got a chuckle out of this (via November Papa Charlie @rcst) as a potential response to someone exercising Markley’s Law:


I’m not so thrilled about the statement in absolute terms. There are lot of other advantages I would rate just as high from associating with women who aren’t social justice warriors.


2 thoughts on “Markley’s Law response

  1. Leftist drones often refer to “big” guns too, as part of the ML meme, even referring to light AR carbines especially as “big”. In leftist/collectivist/authoritarian doctrine the “big gun” can serve the very same purpose and function as a penis (which has always been a disturbing thought). If we were asserting the same thing, somehow, in support of liberty, the leftists would want to take us down under their new Red Flag laws as being criminally insane.

    Anyway, death and sex are prominent in most of the traditional pagan religions, and of course death is the mechanism of ultimate salvation in the doctrine of evolution, which no proper citizen of the planet must ever question but take instead on faith.

    The notion of sexual ecstasy being associated with the power of mass death then, in the minds of leftists, is to be expected, rather then being a shock or a surprise to anyone. Their priests already practice mass human sacrifice in their public temples, which they call “abortion clinics”, in the name of widespread sexual promiscuity.

    So there it is for all to see. No point in denying it. I guess what most people still don’t know is the extent to which modern Progressives, et al, pretending to be as secular as secular can be, nonetheless mimic some of the more atrocious, ancient pagans.

    I’ve said it for decades, and others have since come to the same conclusion; the authoritarian system of the American left, the Progressives including Republicans and many who call themselves “conservatives”, Marxists/fascists (the Roman system) and authoritarians worldwide, comprise a death cult.

  2. Of course were glad they don’t have penis’s! but what i’m most glad of is they don’t try to act like they DO have one. that can’t be said of the left.

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