Quote of the day—Kshama Sawant

We need commonsense gun control measures, like banning semi-automatic weapons, to prevent gun violence incidents like the one that happened at 28th and Jackson in the Central District on Friday night.

For example, community members are advocating for traffic-countering measures like raised flower beds or speed bumps on 21st avenue.

Kshama Sawant
Seattle City Council Member
May 20, 2019
Socialist councilwoman says speed bumps and flower beds will stop drive-by shootings
[When will the majority of people realize, and act on, the fact these people are nuts?

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kshama Sawant

  1. Increasingly, I think people DO realize they are nuts. But you are assuming they won with an honest vote count of legit votes. I no longer think that is true.

    People are herd animals who bow to social pressure very easily.The squeaky wheel, the very loud activist voices, are well funded and supported in the big cities, so people who think otherwise are taught they are outnumbers and don’t challenge the vote count too vigorously, or even publicly speak their mind, for fear of the backlash. Perpetrators of BadThink are hounded out of their jobs quickly in many places.

  2. These frigging people. Little Stasi wannabe’s who don’t have crap for brains and obviously lack the ability to understand the Constitution.

    It’s stuff like this that convinced me that we’re headed for an epic face off with the Reds.

    • I think they DO understand it… and they hate it with a white-hot passion – they think it stands between them and unlimited power. That is the nature of evil.

  3. I predict there’s going to be a massive turnover in political view in Seattle, and very soon. It’s apparent that big business is pretty tired of bowing constantly to these tinhorn dictators. Most of the Council members are not running for reelection. These socialist dictator wannabes have pushed way too hard.

    Meanwhile, I think the best defense against these mass shootings and drivebys is just to restrict freedom of assembly. Nobody can shoot large numbers of people if the sidewalks, clubs and bars are empty. It’s just common sense crowd control.

    • Defens, I think you’re optimistic. Consider how many big businesses still reside in and around the People’s Republic of San Francisco.

    • Big business in Seattle would be Amazon and Microsoft who are leftist and Boeing who has other problems right now. In general, big corporations are not our friend and this is especially true in Seattle.

      There is a bit of a revolt brewing in Seattle but it is in the middle class neighborhoods who are also leftists but don’t like people crapping on their playgrounds and leaving needles everywhere.

  4. The Art of Conflation is a very simple one, and transparent, yet apparently still effective.

    Who, for example, can be opposed to “common sense” and flowers (or insert puppies, small children, sexy, free-spirited girls with flowers in their hair, free stuff, walks on a secluded beach, et al, as necessary)?

    So if you like “common sense” and flowers, then of course it follows naturally (by the Conflation Deception) that you’d agree to repeal the second amendment thus creating a monopoly on the possession of deadly weapons for government and criminals, and to restrict travel. It goes without saying, apparently. Likewise, clrearly, if you enjoy chocolate ice cream, or sunshine after a gentle rain, then you love Che Guevara and support his cause.

    By “common sense” and flowers then we mean fascism. In fact any desire for anything beautiful, good or beneficial means you totally want and need fascism, ergo; the Bill of Rights (that “Charter of Negative Rights”) must be forced into extinction, along with (and here’s the main focus) the last holdouts of the Protestant Reformation which still uphold Christianity un-corrupted by Rome.

    Oh wait; I spelled it wrong. It’s “commonsense” (one word) now. At first I read it as “compromise” which, to the Romish left, also means fascism. “Compromise” (for us, not them), being the path to fascism, is upheld by the left as though it were among the highest of virtues. “We need more commonsense compromise” then is properly translated as, “We need more fascist fascism.”

    The point to all this of course is; since Rome (the left) is engaged in a never-ending process of corrupting the use of language for the singular purpose of deception in service of evil, it is critically important to analyze their words carefully. Likewise it is our duty to speak and write with the utmost clarity, thus demonstrating at all times the contrast between deception and a love of truth.

    Did I tell you that it was Benito Mussolini who, in the 1930s, reinstated the papacy as an autonomous political power, or church-state? Yeah; that Mussolini, the actual head of the Fascisti, from which we get the term “Fascist”. How many of you knew that?

    I may as well come out with the direct rebuttal;
    If you like commonsense and flowers, and dislike crime and needless violence, then obviously you’re a libertarian who, rather than weakening the Bill of Rights in any way, would love to bolster it, enforce it to the fullest, and uphold it as a shining example for the rest of the world to follow. If you like commonsense and flowers, then surely you’re in favor of maximized liberty, and of the most steadfast opposition to any Romish (fascist/authoritarian/centrally-planned) system.

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