Quote of the day—Ed Goeas

More than half the likely electorate thinks we are more than 70% of the way to being at the edge of civil war.

Ed Goeas
April 29, 2019
Georgetown University poll: Nation at edge ‘of civil war,’ but voters reject compromise
[Some things must not be compromised. Some people must not negotiated with. Some things are worth fighting for. Some things are worth fighting against.

Evil must not be tolerated.—Joe]


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  1. You have people who happily cheer on the ‘unpersoning’ and deplatforming of half the electorate.

    Yeah, I’m thinking that’s not a good sign.

  2. “Evil must not be tolerated”. thanks Joe! Amen, and Amen! For me the hard part is remembering it can’t be comprised with either.

  3. We got into this unhappy situation solely and precisely because of compromise.

    Now, to make it absolutely clear and understood what has been compromised, and in favor of what, will require a novel-length conversation. In short, the answer is “the principles of liberty” which necessarily flow from the Christian narrative as appears solely in the Bible have been compromised, in favor of authoritarianism, which is the legitimatization and exaltation of wholesale coercion.

    We mustn’t be like the Progressive fascists and say dumb things like “Hope and Change” or “Fundamental Transformation”, etc., etc., and then never explain in public what we mean by it. Like “Hope and Change”, to say “no compromise” is meaningless or even destructive unless it comes with it’s one and only legitimate meaning attached to it, every time, all the time.

    By the above standard, the very founding of the United States had the compromises built-in, locking in and guaranteeing the problems we face today.

    Aaand, at this point this message will invariably have drawn flack from “both sides”. There’s your compromise problem. The conversation itself has been compromised. It can’t be had without drawing flack against it from all participants. It’s built into the way we’ve been raised and inculcated.

    It’s “totally unfair”, you see, to grant such favoritism and preference to the truth, at the expense of all other ideas and systems no matter how brilliantly contrived. It means the alternate theories don’t even get a hearing, much less a chance in actual practice. NO ONE can tolerate that– It’s the very definition of “closed-mindedness” to even suggest there is such a thing as the truth which exists outside of Man’s imaginations. It takes whole industries, whole schools of thought, entire global political, economic and religious systems, and invalidates them. It’s totally unacceptable. We’ll come together and fight against it, side by side with the leftists and jihadists.

  4. Civil war ain’t gonna happen here. Terrorism and assassination and other activities that are one step up from organized crime might increase, but there will be no Yugoslavian breakup, no FARC-controlled areas of the country, no Rwanda genocides here, with neighbors killing neighbors.

    And it isn’t because people are better than that here. Quite the opposite. People here have rioted again and again in my lifetime, destroying billions upon billions worth of city neighborhoods. But that is exactly why we won’t have a Civil War here. The US has an infrastructure containing tools of stability from local police on up to National Guard and .mil, who have trained and learned and practiced suppression of civil dissent and organized violence from the ghettos of Detroit, LA, Orlando and DC to the streets of Baghdad. And before them, let me mention the Rooftop Koreans and Pastors for Peace and Neighborhood Good Old Boys, keeping the peace here and there since forever.

    There will be no civil war here because it won’t get past violence in the streets before being shut down by the sensible people, official and unofficial, with the power to do so.

    • We are already in a civil war. It’s just a 4th (or possibly 5th) Generational type war. Terrorism and assassination are part of 4th Generational Warfare. So are the Sanctuary Cities (on both sides). And now abortion just got thrown onto the smoldering fire.

      The questions are, “How ‘hot’ will the war get?”, “What parts, if any, of the constitution will the Federal Government respect?”, and “How vigorous will the Federal Government enforce the law against states that offer sanctuary to particular law breakers?”

  5. We have compromised with the Second Amendment.

    When we get shrill about the “What do you not understand about ‘shall not be infringed’?” it is because we have FOID cards, approved handgun rosters, magazine limits, length restrictions, and we often have to beg the government to be allowed to carry firearms at all. I’m about to renew my CCW and the sheriff could just cut me off for no damn good reason. That is not acceptable!

    The Second Amendment is near absolute. If I do not abuse it, I should be able to use it almost universally. I can tolerate government buildings being GFZs if they provide full blown security and other accommodations.

    • Yes. And this is why we are fighting back. It is an attempt to reverse those compromises. We are making progress in some areas and losing ground in others. The war is ongoing. The outcome has not yet been, and perhaps will never be, determined.

      • Agreed. The issue is the polarization of where the gains are made and the reverses felt. I am in Kommiefornia and they spit on my Constitutional rights. Sorry, but for California to be part of the Union, it must abide by the whole Constitution, including the Second Amendment.

        I’m all for federalism, but not if it involves the BOR and the other Amendments. How would the nation feel if Missouri decided to reinstitute slavery and claim federalism protected the state’s decision? Similarly, how is it the NY, CT, CA, and others can screw with the 2A?

        The SCOTUS needs to grow a pair and bitch-slap states that do not honor the Constitution. Sanctuary cities? No, that is Federal immigration domain. Gun control? No, again that is Constitutionally protected. Illicit drug laws? I would say that is still Federal given the FDA, but we could at least argue that one.

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