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  1. Oh ya. my 26″ inch heavy bull barrel, want to see it? I’m a dick because I don’t have one? Or maybe I’m a dick because I’ve had to actually work for a living to support the most conceited bunch of electronic pencil pushing ingrates god ever allowed to exist? Eat, Drink, and be merry……. Dawn.

  2. The unanswered question here is how does she KNOW that’s what it’s all about – unless of course she’s been riding the (gun owner’s)carousel…

  3. Using sexual suggestion to control the masses is a tactic as old as the hills.

    It’s always employed as a corrupting tactic, because the enemy understands very well that a noble, principled people can never be overthrown.

    If I call her Jezebel, how many will immediately understand the reference? How about “The Whore of Babylon”? No? Interestingly, my iOS on-screen dictionary has “Whore of Babylon” defined simply as “The Roman Catholic Church”. Someone let it slip! Still; who understands the reference in its historical, typological meaning?

    Must we do this over and over, for thousands of years, and never understand?
    Answer; yes. It’s all about the Audacity of Hope, right? Why look to the past when we can build a bridge to a bright new future and thus make the same, tired old mistakes our great grandfathers made?

    It’s part of the theory of evolution, isn’t it? So this is “science”. If we’re advancing from the inferior to the superior, the unfit to the more fit, to, presumably, the god-like at some stage, then surely, to look to the past is to look toward the inferior. Death, being the mechanism by which evolution takes place, must be allowed to take its course, and that includes the death of cultures and doctrines as well as bloodlines, and surely we could help it along as well. Right? Isn’t this essentially the thinking behind the purges of the 20th Century and the Progressive ideology which gave rise to them? So, the old, which is by definition (settled science) inferior, must die, making way for the new, which is by definition superior. Right? This is where the communist youth corps are taught to shout down their elders, then sweep them aside; “We have the authority of youth!”

    • Humans will do it over and over again in the course of thousands of years because, like Nightfall by Isaac Asimov, we only see the gods of the copybook headings every thousand years or so, and the experience will be as maddening as night for the people of a planet that does not know night,.

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