Quote of the day—David Hluchy @davehluchy

Of course we will get strict nationwide gun regulations. We will subjugate Insurrectionist Gunloving maniacs like you.

David Hluchy @davehluchy
Tweeted on April 20, 2019
[It’s good to have such people finally come out and admit what we always knew. It will be useful at their trial.

Enjoy your trial David Hluchy.—Joe]

14 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David Hluchy @davehluchy

    • From the inane use of catch phrases it’s almost like dealing with an autistic who’s doing a copy and paste from a prepared list because he can’t deal with the conversation.

      And even if he is mentally ‘challenged’, he gets no sympathy from me. He can work at hard labor in the prison industries just a well as the next man.

      But that ‘early childhood educator’. Oh my, oh my. It’s another reason every parent should do their due diligence about who they’re letting in close proximity to their young children.

  1. Yeah…

    OK. We’ll see how that works out, I guess.

    What is it with the power trip some folks are on? Swallwell going to nuke us. This guy. I’ve lost count of the others…

    Jeff B.

  2. We will subjugate Insurrectionist Gunloving maniacs like you.”

    This is the language of the Dark Ages. Do you hear the echoes coming down through the centuries? The millennia?

    And, by the way, I believe them. I can call them the real insurrectionists, which of course they are, but they will nonetheless subjugate us. They’re most of the way there already, mainly because we cannot comprehend or acknowledge the depth, degree or scope of their evil. They are protected by our incredulity.

    They will get their way; they’ll get their total power, right before they’re totally destroyed.

  3. Joe, you may need a new category of “People Who Individually And Completely Justify The Most Expansive View Of The Second Amendment”.

    A bit long… I’ll workshop it a bit.

    It would be convenient to have a list ready so when someone says, “What do you need an AR-15 for?” the response is, “This guy: he says he’s going to subjugate us; This guy: he says he’s going to nuke us; This gal: she envisions camps and mass graves; and if that’s not enough for you, then YOU. You specifically, by yourself, exhibiting anything less than total condemnation with any single part of that, completely justify specifically me and my fellow citizens owning fully automatic weapons with silencers and grenade launchers and enough ammo to shoot until it’s not fun anymore, then store ten times that much.”

  4. It will be useful at their trial.

    You keep saying this. It strikes me as overly optimistic.

      • While your point is entirely correct I wasn’t actually thinking about that; I was considering it overly optimistic that, with a moderate amount of chaos – “chaos” defined as “substantial social disorder” – it’s improbable that many would survive long enough to have charges brought against them or, if a survivor, could even be located.

        Whether or not chaos, for certain values of chaos, is a prerequisite for legal action under USC 241, I do not know, but suspect it may be.

        • Oh! I misunderstood. Sorry about that.

          Yes, I can see your point.

          My optimism extends to the hope that such “chaos” can be avoided for the good of everyone.

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