Sanctuary movement is growing

This is amazing stuff:

More than 200 counties across nine states have vowed not to enforce new state measures that restrict gun access, and 132  have voted to become gun sanctuaries.

Except for 52 counties in New York and three in Maryland, which acted in 2013 after their states passed new legislation following the Sandy Hook mass shooting, all of the counties have made their declarations since the Parkland shooting just over a year ago.

In New Mexico, the Democratic-controlled state government enacted a new law in March requiring background checks for firearm purchases.
But the month before, as state leaders considered the measure, 29 of 33 county sheriffs signed a letter declaring they would oppose any new state laws that “restrict the rights” of New Mexicans to own firearms.

nation and around the world, The Polk County resolution includes  a clause to the pro-resolution stance.

It says, “The criminal misuse of firearms is due to the fact that criminals do not obey laws, and this is not a reason to abrogate or abridge the unalienable, constitutionally guaranteed rights of law-abiding citizens.”

This doesn’t get much mention by anti-gun activists and politicians. I wonder if they are aware they are reaching the end of their rope (pun intended).

Numerous parallels can be drawn between the slave states and free states of 160 years ago. I’m wondering when it will happen that present day “free state” will refuse to extradite a firearm “criminal” to a “slave state”. Also, when will a “free state” arrest and prosecute a “slave hunter”.

We live in interesting times.


3 thoughts on “Sanctuary movement is growing

  1. I do not have a particular objection to making distinctions between “slave” and “free” jurisdictions, in this regard.

    A ‘citizen’ deprived of arms and the right to use arms in the just defense of one’s life and one’s property, living at the whim and convenience of those that notionally should protect said citizen but bear no legal penalty for failing to do so, is no better than a slave. A slave gets what he gets from his master, being it protection, healthcare, food, clothes, shelter, whatever, according to the utility his master perceives him. A freeman has what he has by his own effort and skill, beholden to no other.

    Never forget that slavery as an institution has a multi-thousand year history. The abolition of formal slavery, under that name, is a relatively recent thing in the broad view of human history. There are plenty that want to re-establish it under another name (socialism), just as they want to re-establish aristocracy and noble privilege, but under another name (director instead of baron, agent instead of knight, party donor instead of duke). The entire edifice is offensive to the freeman.

  2. “Also, when will a “free state” arrest and prosecute a “slave hunter”.

    That’s the relevant question. It is one thing to say “I will not enforce anti-constitutional laws” and yet stand by on the sidelines while other agencies persecute the citizens in your jurisdiction. That is a declaration of inaction, and is of little to no comfort it the long run.

    Inaction also leaves the conspirators free to plot and plan their next assault, and on our dime!

    It is an altogether different thing to step in, step up, posse-up, chase down, root out and arrest and prosecute the perpetrators, hounding them to the gates of hell thus protecting the innocent while upholding the constitution.

    It’s all well and good to say, “I refuse to support the Nazis!” but the war will continue, and people will keep suffering and dying, and the enemy will continue growing in strength and boldness, until a determined offensive is launched against it.

    To you institutionals who are allied with the criminal (anti constitutional) movement; this is not a threat (that’s how YOUR brain works, not mine). There is still time to recant against your evil ways, even after so many crimes have been committed.

  3. A government that wants to disarm you, intends to harm you.

    It is not for your safety (which they wish to compromise). It is to enslave you as noted. Free men can fight back.

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