Quote of the day—James Cavell @james_cavell

The best way to deal with guns nuts is give them unlimited guns and ammo, natural selection will take care of these lower branch Republican mutations.

James Cavell @james_cavell
Tweeted on April 11, 2019
[I’m looking forward to Cavell giving me unlimited guns and ammo. I willing to bet my view of reality is more accurate than Cavell’s and at the end of the bet I’ll be alive and happy and Cavell will be poor and sad.

But that isn’t the real lesson to learn from Cavell. The real lesson to learn is that this is what they think of you. They believe the best way to “deal with gun nuts” is to see you dead.—Joe]


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  1. It also highlights that they think you are a deformed mutations who *should* be culled, and they see themselves as genetic progress. Morlocks, if you will.

    • Blarg: type, get interrupted, continue typing, don’t proofread before posting.

      Correction: “…that they think YOU are a deformed mutation who *should*…”

    • Yep; the socialists, who look back longingly at Eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, and express adoration for the open KKK supporter, Woodrow Wilson, are calling to disarm a population they’re saying is genetically inferior, and they tend to call us Nazis and Fascists, apparently not realizing what they’re saying.

      The apparent lack of self awareness there is spectacular. On the other hand, maybe they know exactly what they’re saying and doing. I’m not sure which is worse, though I suppose it doesn’t really matter. Maybe one way they’re irredeemable enemies who must be stopped by any and all means, and the other way they’re victims who might be rescued by exposure to the truth.

      And so as to avoid hypocrisy; for all who believe you’re embracing the “scientific method”, let’s paraphrase Charles Darwin;
      “Without the Caucasian Man, the world would be a dance of monkeys.”
      Darwinism, which actually predates Darwin and which was established before any knowledge of DNA or epigenetics, is founded in the most extreme racism. James Cavell is merely parroting the “Social Darwinism” having its roots in the secular humanism of the mid 19th Century; arguably one of the deadliest belief systems in all of history.

      So let’s wrap this up neatly. In the Judeao/Christian narrative, the Scriptures tell us that we were created in the image of God, that we are fallen due to sin as the result of being influenced by the lies of satan, and only through faith, contrition, love, charity, repentance and the constant seeking of God’s grace and can we as individuals be saved. God’s law, chiefly the Ten Commandments, is supreme and to be kept ever in mind, the Earth was made for Man, Man is superior to and rules over all the beasts. Every human life, every soul, is precious in the eyes of God and therefore race is irrelevant. Anyone may be grafted into the tree of everlasting life, through faith in the Messiah.

      There of course must be a thoroughly convincing, opposing narrative, which is; we arose spontaneously out of primordial ooze for no reason or purpose other than our own (which means the universe created itself and likewise we created ourselves), we’re clawing our collective way forward and ever upward based purely on our own merit and our willingness to grab what we can, killing anything or anyone standing in our way. There is no inherent right or wrong, no need for salvation because we’re slowly saving ourselves over millions of years, and there is nothing greater than ourselves (unless it be some older and therefore more evolved alien race, which we will surely meet and join in partnership as soon as we evolve ourselves enough through our own deliberate effort and merit). Religion, which is all fake, only gets in the way of “progress” unless we can co opt it for our benefit as a tool to control the less intelligent among us. Death (the culling of the inferior) is the only mechanism for evolutionary advancement, so shut up, ye Deplorables, and stay out of the way while we and the real scientists kill millions. If you can’t see the benefits of Progressivism then perhaps you should be culled also, meaning that to even question Progressivism is as good as a death sentence and we can’t wait to fully act on these beliefs in the United States and throughout the Western world as we already have elsewhere.

      “Hey hey! Ho ho! Western Civ has got to go!
      Hey hey!….”

      This all stems from Social Darwinism, and the similar, supporting systems operating under the various pretenses. Interestingly, although they tout and uphold atheism, many of them are occultists, spiritists, members of various Masonic “temples*”, or even outright luciferians and satanists.

      The Progressive system is thus exactly in line with the attitude and temperament of Rome, the papacy and its behavior during the Dark Ages of wiping out Christians, and of course it’s in line with every murderous communist, Fascist, Nazi, Marxist socialist or totalitarian system ever. And let us not forget that Benito Mussolini, ally of Hitler and leader of the Fascisti it was who re-instated the papacy as a political power after Napoleon Bonaparte had banned it (it seemed to have a deadly wound, and the wound was heeled).

      That will no doubt upset some people, but don’t blame me. Blame the truth and lash out against it if you must.

      I can’t write a whole reinstatement of lost or ignored history here, so you’ll have to join the anti-conspiracy by digging for these things on your own.

      *a “temple” is a place of sacrifice, by the way, so anyone who has a “temple” or an “altar” is engaging in ritual sacrifice of some kind and thus denies the sufficiency of the sacrifice of Christ.

      Hah! You’re screwed now– you can’t deny this stuff without digging deep and looking into it, and you can’t do that without discovering that it’s true.

  2. Oh, you don’t have to give me unlimited guns and ammo. That would be a burden on the public purse, and therefore unreasonable. Just bar the government from interfering in my own (or any other law-abiding citizen’s) acquisition, or applying superfluous taxes, or registration or other unproductive paperwork or other busy-body-ness.

    I’m sure it will work out just like you say, James, don’t throw me in that thar briar patch.

  3. Good James does have a point.

    We give our urbanites unlimited (not really, but close enough) access to guns and ammo and they are systematically removing themselves from the equation.

    James must think we are similar.

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  5. The numbers suggest that it would lead to mass genocide for black America, which would reduce gun crime by magnitudes, and the push for gun control would go away.

    But then, there wouldn’t be any black people in America.

    Maybe that’s the real plan.

    • I understand your point (close to that of Ashbless above). A week ago I would be inclined to agree with you. But…

      I just finished the book Ghettoside (recommended by some commenter here, I forget who). Great book. My view of black on black violence was modified significantly. Hence, I don’t believe this is a unavoidable outcome. If nothing else were changed this might be the trend if more guns and ammo where added to the situation. But I would like to think it is possible that other variables could be changed and that outcome is not inevitable.

      • I picked said book up and have been reading it, Joe.

        I do wonder how effective the ‘snitches get stitches’ mentality would hold in inner cities and ghettos if said ‘snitch hunters’ ran the risk of getting perforated.

        • I was just thinking the same thing. Big cities are, or try their best to be, disarmed victim zones. And in particular, politicians try to make sure poor people and especially poor minorities are disarmed. Given that, it is no wonder their neighborhoods are overrun by criminals. Fix that and the criminal problem will get a whole lot smaller overnight, and smaller still after a few years.

          • Read the book.

            I’m inclined to believe that isn’t sufficient. The hypothesis is that without a strong investigation and prosecution effort by a mostly impartial authority (government) in the area a type of tribalism (in the present context gangs) forms. These gangs take “justice” (for certain values of “justice”) into their own hands and a low grade warfare develops where just territorial intrusion is justification for a violent response. This low grade warfare is known as “gang violence”. If murders/assaults/etc. were seriously investigated resulting in convictions at a reasonable rate, say 80% or better, then a lot of the gang affiliation (currently required for protection) and violence (administration of “justice”) would dramatically decrease.

  6. Thought for a minute or so that this was done by James Cavell, the author of King Rat.
    But that did not make sense as he died back in 94.

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