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Scared men need big guns there is NEVER going to be a time in America that 20 people are going to storm your house. That’s ridiculous! You don’t hunt a Roosevelt with a 30 round mag. It’s just an extension of your manhood or lack there of. Buy a bigger truck for God’s sake!

Brad Henderson‏ @BradHenderson31
Tweeted on April 17, 2019
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Shortly after I told him that Judge Roger T. Benitez disagreed with him he blocked me:

When thousands of people are rioting, as happened in Los Angeles in 1992, or more recently with Antifa members in Berkeley in 2017, a 10-round limit for self-defense is a severe burden.  When a group of armed burglars break into a citizen’s home at night, and the homeowner in pajamas must choose between using their left hand to grab either a telephone, a flashlight, or an extra 10-round magazine, the burden is severe.  When one is far from help in a sparsely populated part of the state, and law enforcement may not be able to respond in a timely manner, the burden of a 10-round limit is severe.  When a major earthquake causes power outages, gas and water line ruptures, collapsed bridges and buildings, and chaos, the burden of a 10-round magazine limit is severe.  When food distribution channels are disrupted and sustenance becomes scarce while criminals run rampant, the burden of a 10-round magazine limit is severe.  Surely, the rights protected by the Second Amendment are not to be trimmed away as unnecessary because today’s litigation happens during the best of times.  It may be the best of times in Sunnyvale; it may be the worst of times in Bombay Beach or Potrero.  California’s ban covers the entire state at all times.

As if we needed justification to exercise a specific enumerated right.—Joe]


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  1. Brad, AOC thinks you breath to much carbon dioxide. maybe we need to restrict some of your air intake. just a little band around your neck to save the planet. you don’t need to produce that much CO2. think i’m being far fletched? go watch the “killing fields”.
    Human rights, Brad. nobody else’s business. either you have them, or you live your life by the reasonableness of communist.

  2. It’s a matter of who believes they have the authority to make the individual’s decisions. Is it the law-abiding individual who gets to make his own decisions, or should those who hate him, seeing him as nothing but a disgusting carbon footprint be making his decisions for him?

    Who gets to decide whether the disgusting carbon footprint has the right to defend itself? Obviously, in the minds of those who have determined the sovereign man to be nothing but a disgusting carbon footprint, they should be making other people’s decisions.

    Obviously, those who hate the free man are convinced that their hate of him gives them authority over him.

    The pen often being mightier than the sword, another current battlefront is over who has the authority to restrict or ban what or whom from the internet.

    In maintaining a system built on a foundation of lies, the only possible response to truth-telling is to shut down the telling, further restrict the venue, and attack the teller. Truth, being destructive to the system, becomes “violence” against that system and everyone who depends on it, and thus becomes a crime.

    One could write a book on the various evil implications in the quote.

    Henderson wraps it up with “Buy a bigger truck for God’s sake”. Setting aside the issue of what would benefit God or whether Henderson has any true regard for God; He clearly believes that owning a truck is nothing but a social signal. The truck is a theatrical prop with which to strike a pose. A man buying a truck then would be akin to a chimpanzee shouting and banging on things and jumping around to intimidate the other chimpanzees, so as to elevate his status in the chimpanzee social hierarchy. Therefore you would own guns for the same purpose.

    Fascinating. Yet this is what they think of you.

    We’re dealing with people who see everything as theatre, truth as but another tool of manipulation, fabricated to gain an edge, the very means of production as props, all things as various forms of dishonesty for the sake of wickedness. We’re facing people who believe, at the same time, that there is virtue in regarding humanity as a deplorable carbon footprint, people who want us disarmed and who believe their hate gives them authority to make other people’s decisions.

    These are the criminally insane; people who believe their criminal insanity gives them authority to rule over others. They are organized and they’re already in the process of suppressing speech on the global scale. They’re looking to build The Dark Ages 2.0.

    Hmm. I think you’d best keep your guns.

  3. Aaaaaand, that twit’s account has been suspended as well.
    Yes, again amazing considering Twitter’s noted leftist bent.

    You’ve turned into a ‘lethal’ person to contend with Joe. Congrats.

  4. What if I am just an average shot under the most tremendous stress I have ever encountered against multiple moving targets in sub-optimal lighting?

    I might miss a few times and so I guess I should just die to satisfy your whimsical restriction, Brad?

    Actually, the real reason why I need lots of weapons and ammunition is because people like you, Brad, want to take away my rights, starting with the Second Amendment, and moving on to the others. I may need to shoot government thugs.

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