Quote of the day—Kirk Freeman @KirkFreemanLaw

The entire U.S. military could not disarm 17,000 illiterate fanatics in Afghanistan, which has the square miles of one state, but Eric Swalwell is going to disarm tens of millions of wealthy, educated people who can now make guns with a click of a mouse.  Good luck, Skippy.

Kirk Freeman @KirkFreemanLaw
Tweeted on April 10, 2019
[See also Boots on the ground.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kirk Freeman @KirkFreemanLaw

  1. Remember also, background checks can have multiple firearms per form #4473. I’ve transferred up to 20 firearms on one “background check”.

  2. Forget the Middle East, consider the Irish Troubles where 10,000 Provisional IRA kept the British tied up for almost 30 years in an area the size of Connecticut, and only stopped when the British surrendered. If things touch off I think that’s a closer example of what to expect than Afghanistan, right down to assassinating the security services and politicians.

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