Quote of the day—Christopher Titus‏ @TitusNation

Yes AR-15s are in use by civilians. But in my experience it is small men who live in fear. That don’t have a sense of self or an inner strength so they ordered a big gun. To make up for a small one.

Christopher Titus‏ @TitusNation
Tweeted on April 5, 2019
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

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13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Christopher Titus‏ @TitusNation

  1. I don’t see the psychology degree, or any degree at all, in his resume; so I doubt his ability to diagnose chronic fearfulness in gun owners.

    I do notice he’s a has been Dancing Monkey though.

  2. Umm… AR-15s aren’t big guns.

    They’re really dandy little lightweight general purpose rifles.

    Besides, how big a wang would I need to fend off a home invasion crew? And how would I use that big wang to do it?

    • You could use your enormous to fend off a home invasion. The home defense techniques you use are pretty much up to you. However…

      When the cops arrive and they see the bloody mess on the floor…

      “Officer, I woke up to the sound the breaking glass. I called 911, but almost immediately, he broke down the bedroom door. So I dropped trou, and I suppose 911 has an audio recording of what happened next…”

      …They’re not gonna be understanding. Neither will the prosecutor, judge or jury. On the plus side, when they ask you in prison what you did, you’re guaranteed to be unhassled for your entire stretch when you explain what you did to sumdood with your wedding tackle.

      Take my advice, just shoot the home invader with a gun. It’s a lot easier to explain.

    • They aren’t big guns, but my brothers doubtless think they have the biggest bullets you can buy at the store, so I doubt they could pick .223 out of a lineup.

  3. About 99% of the comments on that tweet boil down to “Titus, you’re an idiot.”

  4. Yes, fast, flashy cars are in use by civilians. But in my experience it is small men who live in fear of being beaten at the next stoplight drag race. That don’t have a sense of self or aninner strength so they call up Chip Foose and order a big block in their next project car. To make up for a small one.

  5. “…in my experience” he says. In other words; he has virtually no experience.

    Are we “White Privileged Males” who dominate society and grab up the world’s resources for our exclusive use, victimizing everyone else with our mere presence, committing violence upon the downtrodden with just a glance, or a word, or are we frightened, quivering, weak little snowflakes, afraid of our own shadows, desperately clinging to our pathetic forms of compensation?

    Pick one and stick with it. It can’t be both at the same time. If you’re arguing both, then it would appear that you’re the desperate one, compensating for your lack of a credible argument by engaging in ad hominem.

    What you leftists must understand is that your targets-for-destruction, who hold to the truth, are not phased whatsoever by personal insults. Using them just makes you look ridiculous, and so you’re only preaching to your own choir.

    If that’s all you have (and you might as well admit it; it is) then by all means keep doing it. We’re taking names and keeping notes. Enjoy your trials.

    • Lyle, he felt good about saying it. that’s all that matters. logic, parables, intellectual exercise. none of those things work anymore. standard tool of polite discussion were brain washed out. welcome to the new world order.

  6. I won’t even get into what qualifies as a “big gun”. We should let the technical ignorance of the Romish pawns continue to shine with its full luminosity (their masters love that term “illumination” or “illuminated ones” or “illuminati”, after all). They eschew technical knowledge anyway, for how else can they allow themselves to continue to serve the world’s most evil forces?

    They could learn any of this stuff easily and quickly on their own if they wanted. It’s all out there for anyone to see. And that brings up another point of shining hypocrisy; those who pretend to care so deeply about this issue are the very ones who simply will not learn the most basic of facts, whether it be technical issues, crime stats, American and world history, the principles underlying the U.S. constitution, or issues of faith, rights, responsibilities, reason and morality. All of that is thrown out in favor of feelings. It’s like an experiential religion, wherein their experience, which is feeling, is their “truth” and therefore all else is either irrelevant or “evil”.

  7. His “experience” mostly consists of being on his knees begging for scraps from his various Masters’ tables.

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