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Previous social-democratic governments had implemented strict gun control, which Hugo Chavez not only took advantage of once he got into power, but expanded upon to disarm and subjugate the Venezuelan population. When the wrong political players are in power, today’s “common-sense” gun control legislation could be tomorrow’s stepping stone for gun confiscation.

Modern-day politics doesn’t care for unintended consequences nor long-term policy implications of regulations. For that reason, elected officials like Bernie Sanders have such strong followings.

As socialism becomes popular, other facets of human activity such as self-defense and privacy will be under the chopping block. Socialism does not operate under a vacuum and is indeed an all-inclusive package of human control.

As the great economist Ludwig von Mises said best, “Great conflicts of ideas must be solved by straight and frank methods; they cannot be solved by artifices and makeshifts.”

In this case, the forces of liberty cannot afford to back down.

Jose Nino
April 6, 2019
Gun Rights Will ‘Feel the Bern’ Under a Sanders Presidency
[Politically, even if not by constitution, many states are lost to socialism and the federal government, for the first time, has multiple legislators who are openly admitting they are socialists. The best hope we have is for the federal courts to keep them in check while we attempt to change the culture. Failing that we could see a shooting war break out.

Because of this we need to put a lot of effort into changing the culture. One would think that because of all the dramatic failures of socialism throughout history, and even those unfolding before our eyes, that it should be easy to convince people of the folly of socialism in all its flavors. This is not true.

I suspect there is a deep rooted, perhaps genetically implanted personality trait, that makes socialism attractive. Perhaps this trait had evolutionary advantages in family units and tribes of up to a few hundred people. But as soon as social units became large enough they can’t solve the free rider problem through peer pressure the sharing of resources by the whole group fails. That is the most basic failure of socialism.

As the free rider problem becomes obvious to the population, instead of transitioning to private ownership and an individual rights social organization, what almost always happens is they adhere to their preprogrammed attachment to shared ownership and implement a forced rider model. This, which can be shown by countless examples, is a death spiral into extreme poverty, mass executions, and even genocide.

I can explain this in a logical fashion. I can’t explain it in the proper, I suspect it must be emotional, fashion to override the preprogramming. Leaving deprogramming methods involving high velocity lead off the table, does anyone know how to do this? Any ideas?—Joe]


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  1. Ya, giant problem, with an educational system tailored to create emotional, none thinkers. almost impossible in my estimation. but, necessity being “the mother of invention”.( we are after all Americans, we can fix or rebuild anything.) pulling the rug out from under this country may not yield the same results as it does in other countries. (the only logical reason for the import of so many illegals, is to guarantee that we stay collapsed, when the money runs out. )
    Us refusing to give up our guns is a very sticky wicket for them. in a collapsed system, it very easy to change people. mentally, they become very fluid. if you can show strength, and leadership. people will follow you rather than them.
    “Political power come from the barrel of a gun”. are Americans forgetting that fast enough to beat the monetary collapse? to me, that’s the race. were in bad shape with our youth,(aren’t we always?). but were also poised to build something very sustainable for the future.

  2. Your observations are right on. This comment will not be popular, but at some level socialism does work. The Amish communities and the Kibbutz in Israel are pretty good examples. The reason they work is that you follow the ethics and beliefs of the group or you are shunned. There is no free riding. As soon as free riding is allowed or accepted, the community is doomed

    • All political/ societal systems work. for how long is the question. human nature precludes man’s ability from maintaining whatever system it finds himself in. “eternal vigilance is the price of freedom”.
      Were just to lazy, and socialism plays to that in our nature. It works because it hasn’t been exposed to reality.

  3. I wish I am wrong, I truly do. But I believe in the next 50 years we will have another civil war. We have two Americas now. And we cannot live together in peace. One side just wants to be left alone. The other side wants to use the power of the state to enforce their beliefs. And they are now open about wanting to take our guns.

    The only way to avoid this is a peaceful national divorce. We split the country up along the two Americas lines. Sure, it will be a bit messy, but its better than a shooting war.

    But while I’m sure many on our side do not want that, I’m even more sure the other side would never agree to that, because they want to MAKE us believe.

    • The trick is to make the other side want it. They way you do this is with criminal prosecutions of their leaders, lots of them. It’s not like there is any shortage of laws they are breaking. Denial of civil rights under color of law, vote fraud, encouraging illegal immigration (yes, there is a law). While laws concerning financial improprieties are commonly broken and should be prosecuted, this will not send the message that prosecution of politically motivated crimes will. Once they are motivated enough to leave, then we can start negotiating the divorce settlement.

      • 8 U.S.C. 1324, aiding and abiding an illegal is 5 to 20 year felony. All sanctuary city / state / government employees. Enjoy your trial. Where’s Trump and AG Barr when you need them?

    • The problem is many on the left cannot survive without conservative America any more than the flea cannot survive without the host dog whose blood they feed upon. They do, as some fundamental level, realize this, and they are disgusted by their own dependency. But they’d rather kill the host than change or admit the truth.

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