Quote of the day—Val Finnell

I’m certainly disappointed in the vote today, and as soon as the mayor signs [the bills], we’ll be proceeding with the private criminal complaints [against] council members who voted for the measure and the mayor if and when he signs.

Val Finnell
April 2, 2019
Pittsburgh approves gun-control bills; opponents threaten suit against city
[Pennsylvania has a preemption law. I hope they enjoy their trial and paying the lawyer bills of the gun rights groups who challenge the laws.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Val Finnell

  1. Will be watching this one closely. A good message that pols can, should and will be held to personal account for their actions, just like the rest of us. If the effort succeeds.

    • Indeed…

      IIRC, the District Attorney, another Democrat, warned that the proposed laws were unConstitutional… I hope they are schooled and have the costs hung on them personally. Although if the people of Pittsburgh elect this type of pol, they too should pay the price.

      Jeff B.

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