Quote of the day—Mitch O’Farrell @MitchOFarrell

Earlier today, I introduced a resolution that calls on numerous video streaming services to end their commercial affiliation and contractual partnership with the NRA and NRATV.

Mitch O’Farrell @MitchOFarrell
Tweeted on April 3, 2019
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Anti-gun people don’t just want your guns. They want you silenced.

I already told him to http://bit.ly/EnjoyYourTrial2.

Maybe someone should tell him that he doesn’t need to silence us. We are buying silencers on our own.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mitch O’Farrell @MitchOFarrell

  1. Interesting how the Progressives have become so entranced with the powers of deplatforming and outright suppression of any message other than that which they approve.

    You can be free within the confines of what we decide is tolerable…

    No thanks. I’ll retain my independence and right to individual thought and expression. Oh and the ability to view topics, presentations and commentary from ALL points of view would be an integral component of that thought and expression.

    Jeff B.

    • This is why they invented “hate speech”, a concept that is utterly and clearly unconstitutional but for some reason has been allowed to exist.

  2. As I understand it, not everyone who possesses silencers (‘suppressors’, for my fellow irredeemable pedants), has in fact bought them. suppressors, like firearms themselves, are fairly easy to make. Perhaps some research in this area is warranted.

  3. “Anti-gun people don’t just want your guns. They want you silenced.”

    It’s not just the grabbers. The entire left is now operating this way. Look at what they’ve done to Dankula, the dude can’t even get a job.

    Look at the entire collection of actions taken against various centrist, moderate right, right, and alt-right commentators.

    From Sargon of Akkad to Tim Poole to Jordan Peterson to Count Dankula, and Tommy Robinson, the left is undertaking a vicious campaign to essentially deny anyone who doesn’t agree with their orthodoxy any sort of platform from which to speak.

    And when the left can’t deny someone a platform to speak from, the left wing goes after that platform; e.g. the campaign that forced GAB to change payment processors, cloud service providers, ISPs, etc. When that didn’t work, they fell back on instituting a widespread media campaign to paint the service as the domain of only racists and Nazis.

    Make no mistake. The left hates free expression as much as, or more than, gun rights.

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