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These leftists have to be destroyed because they aren’t going to stop, and they don’t face consequences for their anti-American actions. Simply pointing out how bad they are is not enough; they don’t care, they know what they are. It’s time to learn from the success of President Trump and hit back twice as hard. Liberals have to be made to take their own medicine, it’s their own fault it’s a suppository.

Derek Hunter
March 14, 2019
It’s Time For Conservatives To Choose: Fight Back Or Surrender
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Derek Hunter

  1. That article seems to me as just a lot of blind, empty whining. To wit;
    Who says the Republicans are the party of liberty, limited government and free enterprise, and based on what evidence?
    How could there be any attack against authoritarians that is worse than identifying them as authoritarians? But an authoritarian cannot accuse another of being an authoritarian (a Roman for being a Roman), so instead he must “fight back” using tough talk, bold posturing, and oppo. research to dig up less serious, corruptions.

    You think that maybe, just maybe, the long and now thoroughly predictable behavior of Republicans as capitulators is due to more than a lack of spine, that it points rather to complicity?

    I wrote this last month on the subject;
    If the Republican Party for example is to be regarded as the ultimate representation, expression and indeed the very embodiment of the American Principles of Liberty and Justice, and if I didn’t know better, then I’d probably hate America too. Thus is the concept of a war of opposition by usurpation and false representation. I believe the Jesuits call it “Controlled Opposition.”

    Likewise, if Roman Catholicism is Christianity, then I hate Christianity.

    In a “contest” between communists and fascists (which isn’t a contest at all) who cares which “side” “fights” or “wins”? It’s a fake show. Like a football game, the league always wins and we all lose if we spend any of our time and resources on it.

    If Republicans win, and things go farther down the tubes, which is a certainty, then it’s even worse for us that they claim to represent us. They make us look almost as bad as the communists say we are. I don’t want that kind of “representation”, and I’m sorry for anyone who does.

    So asking why a Republican doesn’t “fight back”, I believe, is to be utterly duped. Blinded by skillful theatre. It’s like asking a confidence huckster, after he’s been caught multiple times, why he’s not been generally more forthcoming.

    You wonder why they don’t “fight back”, but you don’t first wonder or attempt to establish which side they’re on? That would be cute if it weren’t tragic.

    Like coming away from a movie theatre all fired up and emotional, and then realizing that it was all fiction, and fairly stupid fiction at that, then thinking, “oh Boy did they ever play my emotions and waste two hours of my time”, we have to get hold of ourselves regarding the state of the real world. Political theatre counterfeits reality, and sometimes even convincingly, and real lives are in fact at stake in this theatre, but it’s theatre nonetheless.

    • If you’re in a movie theatre, and you stand up in the middle of the movie and shout, “It’s fake! It’s all made-up! Don’t you see?!!”, everyone inside will get angry with you, and eventually you’ll be forcibly removed. That would in fact be very rude of you, worthy of reproach and even of physical force. It’s a violation, subject to police action if not halted immediately.

      Yeah; that.

      We crave the theatre of politics too, much like an addict craves his heroine, or a sports fan craves the whole spectacle and loves to talk about it or hear others talk about it.

      The heroine addict calls the experience “Chasing the Dragon”, which is perhaps a more insightful term than he knows.

      So, who wants to toss me out of the theatre about now? It’s the natural reaction, especially when the plot thickens.

  2. The conservative right ‘plays by the rules’. The conservative right has morals, standards, a sense of fairness, a belief in actual right and wrong. The left DOES NOT. The left has ONE RULE….WIN. And ANYTHING that serves that agenda is AOK to the left. As long as that is the paradigm then the left will eventually win. They don’t have rules and the rules the stupid right follows get changed by the left constantly so that the right spends most of it’s time and energy adjusting the new rules rather than eradicating the evil that is the left. EVERY conversation with the left involves some variant of them asking the classic question……”answer yes or no, have you stopped beating your wife yet”.

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