Quote of the day—Virginia Kruta‏ @VAKruta

Gun control advocacy on Twitter.

Day 1: Wish violence, rape, or even death on @NRA members & anyone who supports gun rights — and their children for good measure.

Day 2: Wonder why the people you just threatened don’t want to give up their guns just yet.

Rinse and repeat.

Virginia Kruta‏ @VAKruta
Tweeted on March 31, 2019
[This is generally correct. It’s not limited to Twitter. It doesn’t take a day, it can be seconds, between the time they let you know that they want you dead and the time they call us paranoid for thinking we need a gun for protection.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Virginia Kruta‏ @VAKruta

  1. Day 3: whine that the pro-gun side isn’t interested in having a “conversation” about gun control and wonder why.

  2. Day never: ask yourself why the pro-gun people aren’t hunting down all the people who attacked them in day 1, and what that fact says about your delusions.

  3. It’s very simple, and in the mind of the authoritarian there’s no hypocrisy there whatsoever;

    In being armed, you’re committing a heresy against their authority. Therefore you must publically recant, give up your guns, swear fealty and kiss the ring, or be killed. It’s really about as simple as that.

    Such is the mindset of Rome (of the Mafia, and of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Egypt and Greece before it).

    It’s the mindset of the Beast, and it never changes. The world powers today use the language style (for deception), the architecture, the symbols, organization and tactics of those ancient civilizations for a reason; they think the same and they have the same goals.

    It would behoove us all therefore to endeavor to understand that mindset more fully, to learn its impetus, its enemy, its long history and its goals, and thereby discover the means to overcome it.

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