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A fucking southern California Latin American judge just cited fighting Communism as a valid reason for owning standard capacity magazines and has just struck down California’s magazine size limit ban.WHAT FUCKING DIMENSION DID I JUST ENTER INTO?

satexaskommando‏ @DogalRorn
Tweeted on March 29, 2019
[That’s a valid question. I have no answer.—Joe]


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  1. Ummm … The dimension of reality? A better question would have been, “What dimension did I just leave?”

    Little hope for folks like that, sadly

  2. Reading the quote in isolation, it’s not clear whether he’s in favor of a magazine restriction or if he’s in favor of liberty. But the point is made either way.

    Certainly, fighting against communism (against Romanism) is a valid reason to have full capacity magazines and enormous caches of ammunition. It’s probably the main reason. Communists are of course cowards (virtually by definition, for who but a coward would lean toward any coercion-based system?) finding their only “strength” as they do in numbers, or in extreme hatred, and so a heavily armed, principled nation is a significant deterrent to communist/fascist shenanigans.

    But it’s not quite so simple. Read on.

    When talking deterrence then, the best magazine (or gun) is the biggest, most deadly one, for that one is the least likely to have to be used.

    My older brother recently told be of some huge coastal defense gun he’d seen, adding that he thought it “ironic” that the gun had never been fired in combat.
    “I see no irony in that whatsoever” I said, “given that the most effective guns are the ones that never need to be fired in actual combat.”

    The best defense against the Romish powers of course is the plain and unadulterated truth. The second best defense is excellent personal weapons in the hands of millions, and the knowledge, skills and attitude for using them correctly. However; without the principles of liberty established in one’s heart, planted, nurtured and grown strong, without an anchor into the solid Rock of the perfect law of liberty, no amount of weaponry or skill in weaponcraft can save you, per se.

    We can see all of that in play in the underground, surreptitious nature of this war the communists/Islamists/papists have been fighting in the West. In other parts of the world they’ve been able to gut nation after nation by nearly frontal assault, in violent revolution. In the West they’ve had to spend an extra hundred years and more to get us demoralized enough, and still they’re coming at us sideways, from behind and from underground for the most part.

    That can be taken for some comfort, if you think about it correctly. It proves that cowards, acting cowardly, even at their most powerful and confident, are still afraid of the truth. So afraid of the truth, even, that they’ll spend enormous resources and a lot of extra time just for the sake of hiding from it.

    However, all war is deception, says Sun Tzu (though in fact that comes from the Jesuit Generals, who’re charged with the annihilation of Protestantism). If all war is deception, then God’s truth is the antidote.

    This is known as the “Sword of Truth”. The sword of truth is beautifully transparent, and richly engraved. Who trains regularly in the use of THAT weapon? Who can even wield it at all? Who would dare? (And so who are cowards, after all?)

    The alliance of evil fears our armed status as individuals in America, for sure and for certain, but their worst, abiding terror, that which gives them night sweats, I submit, is the prospect of truth revealed. They know, far better than we can comprehend, that in the face of the truth they are literally nothing, for their empire of deception is built on a foundation of lies.

    • I thought the reference to “standard capacity” made it clear enough, but it is a subtle hint.

      • By golly your right, I also can’t imagine a liberal mentioning that he’s Mexican.

    • tbf, the judge did not say anything about communism.

      He did, though, think it advisable to have a full 30-rd box in case of confrontation with AntiFa.

  3. So California is becoming more gun friendly while Texas and Florida are becoming less so.

  4. Someone needs to tell this nimrod that the ‘communists’ being referred to are NOT in Russia or China but in our OWN GOVERNMENT. Then sit back and
    watch his head explode.

    • Actually, this person is a 2nd Amendment supporter. They refer them as “standard capacity” magazines.

    • The name of the Greco-Roman god of the hunt ‘Nimrod’, should not be used in a derisory context, as an epithet. The RAF’s Nimrod ASW & MR hunter/killers kept the Soviet Navy’s subs busy hiding for decades, until the British turned into weak commies themselves, saying they no longer had enemies to hunt down.

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