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One election after the next, we have seen how much the results of the US presidential vote impact not just the 50 states, but the rest of the planet too. And if the future of foreign countries is shaped to a significant extent by what goes on on US Election Day, shouldn’t they get a say in who gets to lead the most powerful nation in the world for the next four years?

In other words: shouldn’t foreign countries have a right to vote in the US presidential election?

Clémence Michallon
March 23, 2019
America should allow other countries to vote in the 2020 election
[No and no.

Next question.—Joe]


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  1. Even by Froggy standards that’s mighty bizarre. Should Americans vote in French elections? German ones? Maybe we should, then we could raise their NATO contribution to match what they promised.
    I thought this was a SNL spoof, but apparently the writer is serious, for some definition of serious.

  2. Never say no. Just tell them what it will cost for them to get what they want.

    They get to vote in US Presidential elections a little while after our Second Amendment (and the rest of the Constitution) becomes effective where they live.

    They lose their foreign policy, immigration policy, national religion (if any), and membership in the UN. If you like your royal family, you can keep your now-completely-unofficial royal family (to yourselves). Their military becomes a state Guard unit, and integrates with the rest of the US military structure. They can keep their health system, but don’t expect any bailouts, so they are better off privatizing. Their state-owned industries get privatized. If their legal system was based on the Napoleonic code, get ready for a lot of their legal precedents to get overturned. Swap out your monopoly money for dollars. We’ll need to have a frank conversation about un-naturalized aliens in their territory and when said aliens are going back to where they came from. Anyone that doesn’t want to naturalize as a US Citizen, swearing to support and defend the US Constitution, can get a one-way ticket to somewhere of their liking. (I’m sure we can provide bus services to the nearest border.)

    They get electoral votes according to population, at least one (1), just like the other territories and possessions. If they want to baseline at three (3) like Rhode Island, they’ve got to go to full statehood, have a republican form of government, get a star on the flag and pay income tax.

    See? I’m not saying ‘no’. I’m not saying ‘never’. But I am detailing the proverbial invoice for the purchase.

    • Responding to myself to add more:

      France has a population of 65M, more than Texas and California combined. USA has a population of 308M. If we don’t alter the number of representatives in the House, France would get about 58, or about 17% of total. If they become a state, they’d get two more for their two senators.

      France has 95 departments in about 12 regions and 5 islands. (I think I counted those right.) If the regions apply separately to be states (and the departments as county-equivalents), then France would have 72 electoral college votes.

      Commencer à travailler, Clémence! Ce que vous voulez est à votre portée! Liberté, égalité, fraternité, les AR-Quinze pour tous les citoyens (sans les criminels et les socialistes, naturellement)!

    • I like that idea! We had better get rid a a great number of swamp denizens before that could happen as it would need to. Think of the carpet baggers during the Reconstruction of the South. Would not do to have that kind of problem world wide. People would then really hate us and with good cause.

    • What you’re describing essentially is adding another state to the USA. That works just fine. Come to think of it, Neil Smith suggested this for Mexico and/or Canada (in “Hope” among other novels). There’s nothing in the Constitution that says new states have to be anywhere near the current ones.

      • It’s 3637 air miles from New York to Paris. It’s 2397 miles from San Francisco to Honolulu. Close enough – your point is well-taken.

  3. Nothing like handing control of the U.S. (and the rest of the world) to the Chinese. Hitler and Stalin are jealous they didn’t think of this.

  4. I remember this same crap proposal when Bush II was up for reelection.

    At the time, one person said “Well, if an American company operates and owns a business in another country, people from that country should be able to vote in American elections.” Then I asked “Well, Venezuela owns Citgo, so do you think we should be able to vote in Venezuelan elections?” “That is not the same!” Oh, of course it isn’t.

  5. Welcome to the New World Order.

    And sure; there are all manner of logic and fairness arguments to be made. None of them matter.

    We can make all manner of practical, logically and morally sound arguments in favor of American sovereignty, and none of them will matter to anyone but ourselves, for it is specifically and especially the practical, the logically sound and the morally sound which are being targeted for destruction.

    Once again; we’re not dealing with rivals here. Rivals believe in and do the same sorts of things, and they compete in the same game under the same rules and principles. You can shame a rival for breaking the rules. You can admonish a rival for being unfair or illogical or for having double standards, but we’re not dealing with rivals.

    We’re dealing with enemies. Our enemies claim “freedom” from the rules, freedom from logic, and freedom from morality. They’re fighting a war of extermination against our law! our principles and ideals. You can never shame them for lying or for being inconsistent or unfair.

    They’re fighting a war, and in war, they tell themselves; deception is a primary weapon. Subtlety, deception, surreptitiousness, subterfuge; these things are sacred to the enemy. To be held unaccountable is the highest form of achievement, and the mark of their authority. You cannot admonish them for being evil. It would be like admonishing a rock star for enjoying the attention.

    We say it ourselves, I’ve seen it in print many times, but somehow we never apply it to our enemies; “If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck” and now we act as though we expect our deadly enemies to be logical and principled, to listen to reason and to fight fair? Surely we aren’t really THAT stupid.

    Let’s just take a minute and observe the tactical landscape;
    The enemy literally owns our system of education.
    The enemy literally owns the entire system of news reporting.
    The enemy literally owns cirtually all entertainment media.
    The enemy literally owns all electronic communications systems.
    Foreign interests own most of our debt, which means they own most of our natural resources.
    I could go on with a very long list but you get the point.

    No one is going to shame them into being logical, principled, honest and fair while they are pointedly attacking each and every one of the Ten Commandments and while they control both sides of the public narrative.

    The individual, faced with authoritarian injustice, has three choices.
    1. Comply.
    2. Rebel.
    3. Adhere to the law (come out of Babylon; have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them)

    If you comply you lose, because you’re cooperating with the enemies of the law. You must prove your allegiance to, or at least your tolerance of, them by violating the law yourself. It’s the Italian Mob, in essence.
    If you rebel you lose because to defeat them at their own game and on their own turf you adopt the tactics of the enemy (deception and all the rest).

    They’ll accept your taking options one or two. Either way you’ve self-destructed.

    On the other hand, if you adhere to the law, which is not Man’s but God’s, you may survive, but chances are they’ll still kill you, if ever and when ever it suits them.

    They’ll kill you but they won’t own you. They’ll kill you BECAUSE they cannot own you, which is the best of all reasons for being targeted for death. Nothing frustrates evil more than adhering to the good in the face of evil.

    There are a number of people who understand all of that. They would face a firing squad, singing cheerfully, and yet are being attacked and degraded via slow toxins and quiet temptations. “Ah, the divine subtlety!” says the enemy.

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