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Culture changes over time, of course, but it normally does it slowly as we creep towards a more civilized future.

England doesn’t feel more civilized — quite the opposite. It feels more feral. And the UK has just accepted its fate.

The lack of an American culture means Hungarians don’t know what’s missing, because they never had it. But there is a gaping hole in America: something is obviously broken. America is collapsing on itself.

Mark Bollobas
December 2018
Discovering The New Old Country
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  1. That “hole” in America is quite natural as far as empires/ civilizations go. it’s part of the life cycle. the only way around it was to listen to our forefathers when they told us, “eternal vigilance was the price of freedom”. And Jesus,” and if the good man of the house would have known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched, and not suffered his house to be broken up.”.
    But were far to smart for all that old crap!
    The only thing truly different this time around is were going to be the new definition of “irony”.

  2. Alas, I am inclined, reluctantly, to agree. Entropy in Action. The country had a great thing, got too permissive, cut too many corners, said “close enough” too many times, got lazy , undisciplined, became willing, then EAGER, to accept second rate ( and then, third rate ) as being “good enough”. AT that point, those who spoke up were shouted down; “It doesn’t matter! Whats the big deal? It’s only a flag! It’s just a game! The end justifies the means! Expect less and you’ll never be disappointed! Just showing up should count for something! Work less, not smarter! ” ALL the while, nobody much wants to admit that the only thing Diversity is BEST at, is keeping people DIVIDED. Somehow, now all that matters is stuffing the ballot boxes with votes of people who, not being citizens, HAVE NO STANDING to decide elections. Shame on us if we allow this to go forward on this perverted path.

  3. And it is likely to get worse. In the UK they are now arresting people for misgendering and other verbal ‘hate’ crimes. The western world is headed for a hell hole of diversity matters and blaming white folks for suppressing minorities.

    • That sort of thing has been true for a long time.

      Remember this, and remind everyone at every opportunity: there IS NO FREE SPEECH in other countries. In particular there IS NO free speech in Europe. They might have Constitutions that say there is, but the reality is that the only speech rights you have are the right to speak what the government approves of.

  4. To be fair, it is only half the country that is rotten, broadly speaking to be found in urban areas. The other half, while not without problems, is basically sound. The problem is that the rotten ones control much of the culture and much of the economy (especially tech and finance) and are attempting to control literally everything.

    This puts us on the road to either surrender or civil war. It is time for decent America to separate from the rest. Done right, it can be done without violence.

  5. By 1913, at the government level, America as founded was gone. Utterly revoked and replaced. The people still held to the founding principles to some degree, certainly (a culture of millions doesn’t turn on a dime) but their government had committed to the change.

    It could be argued that the American founding itself was a setup for the fall, using the language of liberty (a bastardized version of the Protestant message) as the mere selling point. A trick. This sort of ruse continues today of course, as the leftists claim to want “freedom” and “justice” and such drivel, which of course only an ever expanding, more intrusive and more powerful government can give them.

    So it is that we are sold into slavery and decay by way of clever deception. The people, thinking themselves advocates of goodness, justice and liberty, are the sellers, meaning they enter into the arrangement willingly (and such sweet, delicious evil it is!).

    The dire warning, “Come out of Babylon! Come out of her, my people!” is meaningless until we understand what Babylon (and Medo-Persia, and Egypt, and Greece, and Rome) was, and is, and what the true antidote is. We’ll never see what it is that we need to come out of. We’ll fall for the same kinds of ruses, over and over again, like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football, until the end of time.

    In fact, Rome, and all of its modern cohorts, are still considered to be “Christianity” (and Islam, but we’ll save that for later) and as such, we are led to believe that Christians are flaming hypocrites. In fact, Rome is Christianity in the same sense that Fascism is the world’s hope for liberty and justice for all (i.e. the opposite of what it claims to be). Rome gets its followers to believe that it is for “freedom”, of course, but only so as to bring them into ruin. “One church to rule them all, one church to find them, one church to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.”

    Lies work, they work well, and they work on all of us. Anyone who thinks himself immune to believing, embracing and promoting lies is a top candidate for deception. That’s what we in the self defense training world refer to as “Condition White”.

    Likewise, the Protestant Reform churches, who once pointed to Rome as the anti-Christ, and who once largely defined “Western Judeo-Christian Civilization” are now in the process of recanting and re-joining Rome, at least at the official levels. The followers, the rank and file, will be transformed later by the standard combination of slow, incremental shift (progressivism), and attrition.

    So the Protestants are re-joining Rome, and the pope just recently signed a joint declaration of cooperation with Islam, at the same time when Europe and the U.S. (all the former Protestant societies) are being infiltrated with “refugees” and “immigrants”.

    It is a simultaneous, global process, and so it is a mistake to regard the problems in America in isolation. It doesn’t work that way and it never did (if America were ideologically isolated then Karl Marx would have had zero effect on America, for but one example). We’re told to “think globally” but only within specific, narrow contexts. If we “think globally” in terms of the degradation of liberty and the building of those power infrastructures behind it, we’re to be put down as crazy “conspiracy theorists”.

    • It is important to note that the ‘leftist’ movement is a western civilization phenomenon (not yet global). And that, of course, helps drive gun control along with all the other changes that are disturbing us.

      After all the left’s main narrative is that white males and their weapons of war are responsible for many of the ills in the world and that all would be peaceful if women and minorities were in charge.

      The message has not really changed in the last 50 years. I got a full list back in the ’60s though white privilege and social justice were only embryonic at that time. (I majored in African and Middle East Studies.)

    • 1913, as I recall was the year of the 16A and the Fed, which certainly screwed up economic liberty but there were problems before that. The Lincoln administration did income tax, conscription, suspension of habeas corpus, Federal intervention in education, not to mention making war on half the country. Most but not all of this went away after the war but the precedent was set and it all came back later except for the making war part and that may be coming soon. The Adams administration had the Alien and Sedition Acts. Jefferson himself though the Louisiana Purchase was unconstitutional but it was too good to pass up. And then there was Jackson.

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