Changing the culture

From the New York Times:

The Black Gun Owner Next Door

I was left having to examine myself. “You’re not anti-gun,” Mr. Toure told me. “Ask yourself this. It’s a zombie apocalypse. Tomorrow, you wake up, and you can’t find your children. You go out to search for them. Do you want a gun now?” His analogy was not outlandish. This was, of course, the constant threat enslaved people endured. Had I been fooling myself about my anti-gun stance? I don’t think so, but I did come to realize through a series of unexpected exchanges that the issue was more complicated than I had allowed and that my views of just coexistence and human flourishing might not require the absolute prohibition of arms.

I concede that Lewis Hayden could be viewed as a champion of the right to bear arms in defense of freedom. But more than that, he dedicated himself to community building, forging a complex, self-funded, interracial network of people joined in common cause. Guns were there to defend those things. The home he made with Harriet was a gathering place for the Boston Vigilance Committee, for progressive white Bostonians and for members of the enslaved and free black population. Mr. Kantrowitz observed that Hayden sought to build “a world of common struggle against slavery in which racial hierarchy seemed to dissolve into human unity and affection.” Together, Lewis and Harriet Hayden opened their doors to those on the run, turning their home into a haven for strangers whom the federal government deemed illegals.

This is the essence of his example that I hope our community and country will follow.

Imagine the Democrat party with the votes of blacks stripped away because of gun control.

This is how we win.


2 thoughts on “Changing the culture

  1. Or, and pardon me if I’m being cynical here, is this now simply a Progressive who fully realizes the value of gun ownership? If so, that’s arguably worse.

    • Not necessarily. I’ve been preaching the same gospel.

      The problem is that the idea of self-defense shifts you away from progressive thought patterns. You are, in at least one aspect, moderately self-reliant. And that makes you toxic to the greater progressive whole.

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