Quote of the day—Derek Hunter

Liberals collect scalps, conservatives collect moral victories. This isn’t a battle for local dog catcher, it’s a fight for the future of the country; it’s time for the right to fight back the way they’re being attacked. Mutually assured destruction is the only way to stop these fascists in their tracks.

Derek Hunter
March 14, 2019
It’s Time For Conservatives To Choose: Fight Back Or Surrender
[There is more than a little truth in this.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Derek Hunter

  1. I prefer not Mutual Destruction but conquest of my foes, with as little cost to myself and mine as possible. Let’s go for victory, not suicide. Leave that self destruction to the Left, they’re great at it.

    • As do I. But even MAD is better than being subjugated by evil people and philosophies.

      Evil people are more likely to believe good people can accomplish MAD than they are to believe they can win.

  2. That article is an excellent example of what I’ve come to call “sports announcing” in politics. The perspective is so close to, so tied up in, the game that it doesn’t see the stadium or the running of the stadium, or the politics behind stadium building, or the team owners or the league, or the global infrastructure that built the league and all the stadiums and runs all the international planning, logistics, promotions and advertising and so on. It doesn’t perceive the creation of the game in the first place, or that it might have had a purpose.

    It focuses purely on team A verses team B.

    “Republicans need to learn this lesson [of how to fight] or just give up now so they can be replaced by people who will.”

    You know the Democrats are saying the very same thing about their old guard, right?

    Every authoritarian revolution has the same message; “Out with the old and in with the new!” Purge and replace. Sweeping change. Fundamental Transformation. No argument, no discussion, just wipe out the old and take their place in a new and wonderful, brave, bold world of justice and prosperity.

    Libertie! Egalite! Fraternatie! Let the heads roll! And we’re not gonna take any shit from anyone. So it’s a mobster-esque system. Everyone wants The Mob on their side,

    All that, and yet the main point here is that “Republican” and “conservative” are not defined. We want Republicans to win, but we don’t know what or who they are. Me want victory for the sake of victory.

    Oh, no; you say. We want victory to get those bad guys out. Mm hm, but if you can’t make the clear and concise definition of right and wrong, you only end up with one team winning over some other team, realizing only too late that both teams have belonged to the same league all along.

    The language in the article is utterly clueless. It assumes that Republicans are the true and ideologically opposite to Democrats. And yet there is no evidence of that whatsoever. In fact all the behavior of the Republican Party over the last several decades proves that they’re on the same side.

    Together with the Democrats, they defeat us. By seducing us into looking to them as our only hope for salvation, they guarantee our defeat. Always looking to Republicans or Democrats (one whore verses another) we’ll never look in the right places. We have no chance whatsoever, so long as we’re focused on that game in that arena.

    Derek Hunter, in the ages-old game of bread and circuses, is a circus announcer, as are all the “conservative” pundits.

    And what does “conservative” even mean? Ask a hundred people and you’ll get a hundred answers, some of which will be virtual polar opposites.

    Thus even if we “win” we lose.

    We’re in Babylon, it’s all we know, and we’re only arguing over who will control our neighborhood within Babylon.

    The Bible says, Come out and be separate, Come out of Babylon, Come out of Her my people… The message is repeated over and over, from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelations. You think maybe it’s important then, that maybe it’s a concept we should endeavor to understand?

    • Perhaps you read a different article than I did. The one I read said nothing about conservatives being the one true way. It merely said that when attacked by fascists when exercising your guaranteed rights you should fight back. I don’t agree with everything any number of flavor of conservatives believe. But when they are attacked for exercising their rights, I have zero problem with them fighting back. The same goes for any other person. If they say they want to practice some flavor of veganism, paganism, or use recreational drugs, as long as they don’t cause harm to others, I’m okay with that. And if “conservatives”, whatever that means, attack them for it I would encourage them to fight back as well.

      I’m in agreement with Edmund Burke:

      The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

      People attacking because others are exercising their rights without hurting anyone else is doing evil and must not be allowed to triumph.

  3. I am for separation. It is impossible to compromise with the Left because they will keep no bargain. But I don’t want to be fighting amid the ruins either.

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