Quote of the day—L. Neil Smith

I’m afraid they’re going to get crazier the more power they lose. Beware the wounded bear. By which I mean “let’s make them crazier.”

L. Neil Smith
From his website
[Sounds like a plan to me!—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—L. Neil Smith

  1. They will get there power back. Stay insane, and start nuking red states. To them everyone not them must be exterminated. I give it 6 years at best before the government is in there full control and the nukes start dropping.

    • The globalist authoritarians don’t need any nukes to foment major havoc and destruction. Let’s not go there just yet.

      The Soviets and Chinese managed to kill hundreds of millions without nukes, and with naught but Middle Ages technology the papacy managed to kill millions. In fact, none of the world’s many genocides were performed with nukes (but machetes have been used).

      Anyway, if Soros and his ilk are to relive Soros’s life’s greatest moments, when he was clearing the goods out of the houses of “reloacated” Jews, then they’ll want a non-irridated, non-incinerated site to do it in.

      Besides; what would be the fun of killing us if they can’t watch us die up close, or can’t dance in our blood afterward? Nukes don’t really allow for such pleasures.

      Lastly; if they ever do pull out the nukes against Americans, it’ll be someone else’s nukes.

      • Probably more along the lines of deliberate mass starvation coupled with hired paramilitary groups if they haven’t turned the military into the democrat party brownshirts.

  2. Who says they’re losing power? I see us cattle losing power, but the global authoritarian network (to which, I submit, the Democrats and Republicans both belong equally)? I see no signs of that, at all.

    Anyway; Careful what you wish for.

  3. Perhaps Donald Trumps GREATEST accomplishment as President is causing the left to drop the façade of rationality they have hidden behind for so long and
    openly show just how rabidly hatefully insane they actually are. If Trump was an
    ineffective useless bozo who was unable to actually accomplish anything the left would still hate him and want him replaced but they’d be relatively calm and reasonable as they wouldn’t perceive him as much of a threat. But he IS accomplishing things and he IS a threat to their agenda…..and this has driven
    them utterly batshit crazy…..and it shows.

    • Politics is theatre. Both “sides” play their assigned roles, but they answer to the same playwright and director. Don’t fall for the “our team verses their team” mentality. It’s part of the game.

      And when the “bat-shit crazy” becomes unbearable, as was in the script from the beginning, they’ll offer up what appears, to the unaided eye, to be rationality, capitulation, and practically everything you’ve longed for (it’ll of course require just a short period of increased governmental powers and a temporary union of world powers, you know, just to get the chaos settled down, you know; for freedom’s sake). Then beware; your destruction is at hand! It’s already in the works!

      “Diversity is divine” they’re already saying, by which they mean “unity in diversity is divine”, by which they mean, “all under one power”, and “division is the work of the devil”. Anyone still clinging (foolishly of course) to the basic principles of liberty is a “Fundamentalist” and an “Extremist”, and such beliefs are, in and of themselves, “violence” to the plan of “unity” of nations, as it hinders the “peace” process to which they are deeply committed. Constitutionalists are considered by our federal government to be incipient “terrorists” already, I shouldn’t have to remind you, and so the intimidation is ramping up, and it will get worse.

      And then, when hope is all but lost, right out of the blue, surprisingly, they’ll come at you, offering peace, using your own language of liberty and equality, which they already know perfectly (changing but a little word here, and there, such that you won’t notice, but it’ll have the diametric opposite meaning to them), and you’ll leap for joy believing that they’ve finally realized their error and wish even to make recompense, and THAT is when you’re most vulnerable.

      You’ll be sucked in by the ruse, for you thought all along that they can’t possible be so clever as to engage in such masterful deception; they were just dumb or misguided, you believe, and then you’ll sign on, happily, and then you’ll be devoured, with no apparent way out. And it will have been your own fault, they’ll say, because they’ve been telegraphing their mindset, doctrine and intent for thousands of years, you blind, stupid fool, and so they are blameless in a way because you went along with it of your own volition.

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