Quote of the day—Nancy Pelosi

If the president can declare an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency, an illusion that he wants to convey, just think of what a president with much different values can present to the American people.

You want to talk about a national emergency? Let’s talk about today—the one-year anniversary of another manifestation of the epidemic of gun violence in America. That’s a national emergency.

Nancy Pelosi
U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives
February 14, 2019
Pelosi Warns GOP: Dem POTUS Could Declare Emergency for Gun Control
[Hell must have frozen over. I agree with Nancy Pelosi on something.

Allowing the anyone to have too much power is a very dangerous thing.—Joe]


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  1. As they say in Law School, even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then. If Nan says enough things, she’s bound to eventually accidentally be correct on SOMETHING.

    • I don’t understand. Is emergency wall funding a constitutional violation the same as “emergency” gun confiscation?

      • No. No, it’s not.

        One thing is trying to force construction to comply with constitutional mandates (secure borders/national defence) and the other is an idea to destroy a critical component of that Constitution (one of our most important, basic rights).

        Joe, I’m disappointed in you conflating these two uses of power. They are nowhere near the same.

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  3. Not particularly happy with Trump declaring a national emergency. However, the next Dem president won’t be concerned with what precedent Trump did or did not set Sure the Dems will say, but Trump did it, but the reality is that a Dam president will do what ever he damn well wants.

  4. The next democrat could declare whatever. Trumps actions have nothing to do with it. See gargles what. Trump does or doesn’t do, the next Dem president could declare your property nul and void due to a financial “emergency”.

    Obama signed how many exec orders, or “executive actions”? Did he need a Bush action to justify them?

    There’s nothing new here, one way or the other. It’s just another “nothing burger” offered up in the media, all juicy and hot, and you took it.

    We’re being told, “We cannot act because it might cause the democrats to go outside the constitution.” Hah! So we’re admitting that the Dems run the whole show.

    There’s always a very good reason why we cannot act, must not act. Do those reasons matter? No; so long as we’re not acting the reason doesn’t matter. And who are “we” anyway? Do “we” even know? I certainly do not identify with any Republican I’ve ever heard or read, now living or dead.

    In other news, the fed gov is spending like never before, and Trump must signed a bill to give illegals some “welcoming centers” and other perks to encourage more infiltrations. And let’s not forget the big push for paid family leave which isn’t getting a lot of attention.

    The game works, doesn’t it? Everyone is focused on the scandal of the day, on AOC’s babblings and such, or the latest fake racist attack, while right under our noses they’re passing more and more socialistic bull crap, expropriating more of our wealth and strengthening their oppression machine, and there’s hardly a peep about it.

    Whether freedom dies with thunderous applause, whether it dies with a whimper, or whether it dies amid a fire storm of lies, scandal and war, it will surely die, so long as we’re focused on the dog and pony shows, clamoring for more bread and circuses.

    Here’s how it works. There can’t be a wall, at least not until some objective of resettlement has been accomplished. Any “wall” we might see during the Trump admin will be incomplete, in pieces here and there, and wil make little difference. It has to play out that way or the objective will not be realized. See?

    And have we all gone so brain dead as to forget the the wall was funded and built during the Obama admin. He told us so, right? Am I the only one who remembers him telling us so?

    You know then, with certainty, that there is an objective for resettlement, or infiltration, of people of non-Western ideals and non-Western goals into Western Civilization. It’s been happening world-wide, you all know it, and the Americas are a big part of it. No matter what the American People say, and they’ve been quite clear in saying it for generations now, there will be a resettlement (let’s call it “Colonization”, after Obama’s theology).

    After that, there might be a wall or there might not– It won’t matter at that point.

  5. Nope. Democrats have amply demonstrated that they don’t need a precedent for wholesale violations of the Constitution.

  6. I wonder if current sitting congress members ever regret their predecessors signing away their constitutional authority in the name of expediency. I know I do.

  7. Maybe she should have spoken up when Obama famously talked of using his “pen and phone.” Or when Bush II issued a plethora of executive orders. Or when FDR threatened to pack to SCOTUS if they didn’t approve his plans. Or when Wilson backed the Creature from Jekyll Island. Or when Lincoln suspended habius corpus. or when…. well, you get the idea; it’s only bad when the other guy does it.

  8. You’re also not on the border. You’re not seeing emergency rooms stuffed with typhus, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, and other diseases.
    You’re not seeing social services collapsefrom the strain of too many people being paid, with not enough paid. Police and fire overwhelmed. Schools stuffed with illegal children, who don’t care, who are there to fight and get free food, whose parents don’t care either, because it’s free daycare.
    You haven’t looked into the eyes of a mother who has lost a husband or son to an illegal who was driving drunk. Restrained a father from killing the illegal in your custody, there because he raped that father’s daughter. Comforted a little girl from Honduras, because her “father” bought her for the journey, and does bad things to her at night.
    You haven’t had to do these things.
    We ARE in an emergency. In the past four months alone, over ninety thousand “family units” and “unaccompanied juveniles” from countries other than Mexico were taken into custody. The rate is increasing, too, close to a thousand a day (possibly over at this point).
    Forty seven million more are waiting to see what we do.
    I live and work here on the southern border. Our emergency rooms are swamped. Our shelters are overwhelmed. I’ve seen the kids with thousand yard stares. I’ve helped clean up after the drunken wrecks on the road. And I and my wife are home schooling, because there is no way we’re going to enroll our kids in the shit holes our schools have become.
    Our governor, senator, and all state representatives in this past election were voted in with the fraudulent vote.
    These people from Central America are being invited for exactly that purpose, btw. 2016 showed the Dems that the American voter was starting to wise to their tricks. They’re importing a new voter base. No, not the entire base, but more than enough to surpass the margin of cheat.
    Go ahead. Pretend it’s not an emergency. Pretend it’s not a threat to national security, health, and even our constitution and culture. Say you agree with Pelosi.
    Say that, cheer and assist the blocking of this emergency, disregard the crisis, and congratulate yourself for being true to libertarian principle, even as your country is voted away from you via illegal alien vote fraud.
    Tell me you agree, that Pelosi is right, that we must wait like patient little proles for Congress to approve funding, and that they are not committing treason.
    Tell me, and just as you hold statements for politicians’ eventual hoped-for trials, I will remember too.
    If we still have a country, that is.

  9. It’s interesting to hear all the folks commenting here as though we live under anarchy and politicians can “do whatever they want.”

    It’s demonstrably not true, so I wonder about all the fear behind it that makes people want to see it as true.

    The irony, of course, being that by not resisting Trump’s overreach (and other presidents as well), we are brought closer to the anarchy some seem to fear.

    • Through some personal experiences as well as being a heavy news consumer, I have concluded that the rule of law is dead. I don’t like it but failing to recognize it while the other side does whatever it feels like is the road to defeat.

      • Last I checked the police were still arresting people, courts were still trying people, and tax laws were still being applied. Pretty sure law’s still around. And if “the other side [could do] whatever it feels like” we’d already be minus our guns and plus single-payer health care.

        Hyperbole isn’t your friend.

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