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My grandfather, Cecil Huffman served in the Army with the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) Siberia.  On this day in February 1919, he wrote a letter to his parents that I have in my possession today.  All his letters were censored, and he knew the rules regarding what information he could send home, so none of his letters appear to have sections cut out or removed.  In his letters he often says there was nothing to write about even after he was involved in skirmishes with the Red Army led by Vladimir Lenin.  The attached letter is much like many others he wrote while in the Army.  On this day 100 years ago, Cecil wrote, “I know you expect to hear something in every letter, but there isn’t a thing to write about.”

The resolve of the people to fight the leftist forces of the communist revolution was not strong enough and resistance slowly folded as the Red Army advanced.  My grandfather and the rest of the AEF Siberia were pulled out of Vladivostok via transport ship in the fall of 1919.

In the decades that followed, Lenin and his successors went on to murder tens of millions of their own countrymen.  As communism spread in the 20th century, estimates are that up to 160 million people died worldwide through execution, starvation and politically motivated genocide under communist rule.  This happened in one nation after another as governments became too powerful, private industry was eliminated and free speech was restricted to only the politically correct line of thinking.

The majority of those supporting communism had no evil intent.  They fought for communism because they believed it would bring a better way of life for them and their children.

We must never forget the lessons of history.

1919-2-11 Cecil to Home (1)

1919-2-11 Cecil to Home

Doug Huffman
February 11, 2019
Email to extended family.
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. Typical and ironic that the leaders of the Russian Communist Revolution were trained in NYFC by the Progressives, according to recent document discoveries. Still looking for my bookmark on it, sigh…
    Along with that was other documents found that detailed how FDR was promising European leaders that the US would back them up if Hitler attacked them. He, of course, couldn’t actually do that without Congress. He was so enraged by the German actions that he deliberately engineered a war with Japan, their ally, so we could then go assist the Soviets in attacking the Germans. That’s why the Pacific war was not a priority for the US early on.
    “Day of Deceit” lays out how FDR arranged to entice the Japanese to hit Pearl Harbor after forcing them to go to war with us and the British and Dutch.
    And the Dems revere the asshole.

    • FDR, and Woodrow Wilson before him, were huge Progressives. Major haters of the American principles. That’s reason enough for the Dems, and most Republicans, to love them.

    • FDR spent the first half of WW2 sitting on the sidelines bankrupting the British Empire because his buddies in the USSR were allied with Nazi Germany. It was only when Germany turned on the USSR that the US took on an anti-fascist stance.

      • One of the things that turned up after the fall of the Soviets was the disclosure that they had planned on invading the German held side of Poland, just a week later than the Germans crossed that same border.

        The really bad thing for the Soviets was that they had staged their arms and supplies near the border in anticipation of the invasion. Stalin didn’t trust his Army to be armed prior to the soldiers being pushed toward the field, so the Germans overran all of that the first day. That was why the Germans had such spectacular success on their way toward Moscow, and why FDR was so panicked about getting supplies to the Soviets.

        The reason for both sides doing this was Poland was known as the “breadbasket of Europe”, and both of them needed all that food for their own empire.

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