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I really hope that the idiots pushing for this stuff wise up soon and get a clue about how far they’re pushing us. I drew my line in the sand back before 1994 – and currently considered legislation is driving up to that line with a bulldozer.

February 2, 2019
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  1. They’re not and they don’t get it. They’re stuck in their own normalcy bias of immersion in the kool aid. I believe that they feel, to their core, that if they pass “the laws”, we’ll obey.

    And, there’s some cause to justify that belief. There’s never been active resistance to any of their transgressions, only non-compliance, which has given the impression of acceptance.

  2. You have a point. Gun owners have not had actively opposed a gun law or regulation. I believe that’s because its been slow in the past. Anti-gunners have not moved fast, and gun owners either silently resisted or just moved.

    But the next big law will be different. It will most likely be in a purple state (but maybe federally). A scary looking gun or even a full semi auto ban will pass. It’ll go through the courts. If they fail to do their job (which may not be likely with Kavanaugh flipping the SC on gun rights), there will be blood.

    Gun owners will no longer take this sitting down. And anti-gunners are no longer content to go slow. They will clash. It won’t be pretty. I pray we avoid it.

  3. In this and many other things, the Left is trying to provoke a civil war. They would only do this if they believe they would win or that we would preemptively surrender ( a definite possibility in the Age of Bush,). We are not one country, will not be one country again and need to have the national divorce before the shooting starts in earnest.

  4. It’s dawning on me that the masses of the Left don’t think we are lurching toward a civil war. They don’t really think that it could happen here. Part of the problem, perhaps the major portion of this misperception, is the absolutely lousy job the Left has done in the schools. They don’t really teach history, human history, in our schools. Granted, they do this on purpose, but the unintended consequences of this is going to bite them in the ass. Some of the more astute ones can see it coming, and some of them are pushing for it to occur, but the masses have no clue of what is in store for them and the nation.

    Another part of the problem is the human trait of thinking that if something can’t happen, if it’s unthinkable, it never will, and turning a blind eye in that direction. As that astute observer of human nature, the character Gomer Pyle was fond of saying: Surprise, Surprise…

  5. When talking about what “the left” thinks we have to keep in mind the distinction between the perpetrators and the duped.

    “Kool-Aid” is being drunk by some, we often say, and thereby we are asserting that someone else is mixing up the Kool-Aid, others are distributing it, and others besides are serving it. Whenever the subject of “Kool-Aid drinkers” comes up then, we are talking about the victims of an organized, established conspiracy.

    When we talk about “the left”, then, who do we mean? Surely we must specify. Surely there are the “Kool-Aid” kingpins, their supply, production, distribution and protection network, and then there are the poor, clueless and unsuspecting drinkers.

    @Will; correction, and this is very very important;
    You cannot say whether the public schools are doing a good job or a terrible job without first identifying and establishing their purpose.. I say they’ve done an excellent job of dumbing down society, and of separating youth from their parents. Both of those goals were described in detail over a hundred years ago by Woodrow Wilson when he was president at Princeton University, addressing the education department.

    In short, his message was, We need workers, not thinkers. These are the people who teach the teachers.

    Therefore I say to you; anyone who says that our public education system is doing a “lousy job”, etc., is failing to understand, or to even consider questioning, its purpose. If we don’t understand what it is we are facing, how can we defend against it? This goes to that “We are empire” quote from Donald Rumsfeld.

    We’ve had over a hundred years to figure out public education, it’s an easy one because they actually spelled it all out for us, and we’re still missing it.

    Overall, and I include many of the Kool-Aid drinkers and all of the Kool-Aid kingpins, I believe that the left are itching for a fight, and furthermore that they’d like nothing more than for us to start the shooting.

    Many of them loath themselves and want to die anyway, and would prefer to make their end mean something. Why just last evening on the local police radio frequencies we heard of two separate incidents of suicidal young people, in this little area of about 50 thousand. Don’t think for a minute that the left is afraid of a fight. Whether it’s a suicide, a suicide by cop, or a suicide by you, isn’t relevant to some of them except that they’d prefer to take you down with them.

    The leftist Goyum don’t fear a fight because they’d just as soon die anyway (they’ve been conditioned for it), and the leftist kingpins don’t fear a fight because they believe they’ve got themselves protected and isolated well enough (we don’t even know who they are in many cases). And anyway, the kingpins would love to see us openly taking those first shots so they can pigeon-hole us all as the “terrorists” they’ve been saying we are.

    • To be fair to Will, given the etymology* of the word “lousy” (infested with blood-sucking, disease-spreading parasites), his choice of adjectives to describe the public school system is actually pretty accurate.

      *Or should that be “entomology”? 😉

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