Quote of the day—Mayor Bill Peduto

Arrest me. I welcome him trying to put up a lawsuit that would arrest me if I sign this legislation.

Mayor Bill Peduto
January 22, 2019
Mayor Peduto calls out DA for gun control comments, says ‘arrest me’
[The Pittsburgh mayor was told by the, anti-gun, district attorney that proposed anti-gun laws are illegal because of a state preemption law.

This is the first time I have heard of a politician mentioning the possibility of being arrested for pursuing gun laws which are illegal. It’s way past time for it. They should be in constant fear of it. Let this be a good start on making that a reality.

While I’m not so sure the local DA could have him arrested it would seem plausible a Federal Prosecutor could using violation of 18 USC 242 as the justification for prosecution.

This politician, and countless others, thinks he is above the law. It’s way past time to arrest and successfully prosecute a bunch of them. They need to start having some respect for the law and it’s clear they are not going to unless there is vigorous enforcement.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mayor Bill Peduto

  1. State police could arrest him with a warrant issued by the State court.
    Pittsburgh Po Po would gladly point the way. They don’t care for Mr. Potato-head.

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