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  1. Yep, I’m compensating… because my penis (formidable weapon though it may be) doesn’t shoot jacketed hollow points at 1000 fps.

  2. I’ve used a variant before.

    If I’m the victim of a home invasion, and when the police arrive they find a dead perpetrator on the floor, and I proudly proclaim, “I whacked him with my DICK!” for some strange reason, I’m the one in the back of the squad car and the judge is very unsympathetic.

    Be safe, use a gun. Perp’s more likely to survive to see his day in court if you just shoot him.

  3. It’s the age-old sex lure being applied to influence politics. Authoritarians have been using it for millennia. They know that sex is a powerful enough influence that it can “launch a thousand ships”, etc.

    Thus every authoritarian is a pimp of sorts.

    Markley’s Law is telling us, “Owning a gun makes you sexually unappealing, so recant, repent, get rid of your guns, come on over to the Dark Side and you’ll get more sex. No really.”

    Of course, in order to make that actually work, the anti-gun pimp needs a lot of slave whores. And we’re actually seeing a form of this; kids must be sexualized at younger and younger ages.

    Markley’s Law then, as a tactic, has a lot of history of world politics behind it. However poorly executed at times as it may be, it is a proven technique with a solid (and very sad) track record.

    Sex is used as the lure to influence all kinds of things, from its use in advertising, to a woman getting herself a sugar daddy or a man getting himself a sugar momma, to the recruitment of gang members and cult members, to toppling kingdoms and redrawing the borders of nations. The French Revolution uplifted a whore as ther “goddess” and called her “Reason”, and the high degree practitioners in some of the global fraternal organizations practice a form of “sex magic”. We have countless popular songs about this stuff. “Witchy Woman”, “Black Magic Woman”, “Your Love Has a lifted Me Higher”, “Good Love”…there are thousands and thousands of them, all depicting a person’s sex appeal, or copulation specifically, as either salvation or as a dark and magical influence. It’s the same shit we’re talking about here. It never changes. I could list dozens of very popular songs depicting the promise of “Salvation Via Copulation” with little effort, and so could you. It’s a prevalent theme in music and theatre, culture in general, and, as is the point here, in politics.

  4. Would her opinion on firearms change if she is about to be raped by a guy with a dick? (I know, I know, rape is more of a crime of violence, than it is of sex).

    Bet she would be singing the praises of S&W if it allows her to retain her dignity and life.

    • From her posts, I’m pretty sure that dignity and herself are not particularly well acquainted, if at all.

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