Quote of the day—John Yarmuth‏ @RepJohnYarmuth

I am calling for a total and complete shutdown of teenagers wearing MAGA hats until we can figure out what is going on. They seem to be poisoning young minds.

John Yarmuth‏ @RepJohnYarmuth
Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Budget Committee
Tweeted on January 20, 2019
[Democrats consider the First, as well as the Second Amendment, toxic.

Vote them out of office before they get a chance to deny us our right to vote as well.—Joe]


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  2. Sure. Why not? Anyone under 21 is a second class citizen anyway, so let’s not only suspend 2A, but 1A as well. But make sure you ban any freedom of expression equally. All those Parkland anti-gun kiddies need to STFU.

  3. “MAGA” is like “Hope and Change”. It means whatever you imagine it to mean.

    You have to first decide what, if anything, was ever great about America, and depending on who you are and who’s been lying to you most recently that can be liberty or the welfare state or anything else whatsoever, and then comes the issue of how to make that “greatness” manifest “again”. “Hope”, for WHAT, is never said, nor is “Change” FROM what, TO what explained. But we’ll cheer for either meaningless and disingenuous phrase like the retards we are.

    Therefore, anyone arguing over any of this stuff from any “side” is an idiot. The only logical thing to do is remind people that neither phrase has any specific meaning whatsoever, and that the lack of meaning is the point of the phrase.

    So one might as well replace MAGA with MAFIA (Make America Free and Independent Again). Not that America ever was truly free and independent, but who’s being that discerning nowadays?

    So if America never was truly free and independent, and it never was then what? How about MAFIFO (Make America Free and Independent For Once)? Or how about LAFO (Liberate America For Once), or Liberate America for the First Time Ever (LAFTA)? Or how about cutting straight through all the fluff with, EAC (Eliminate All Coercion)?

    But of course no one in politics would ever run on such a platform. Liberty is the last thing any politician on any “side” would ever tolerate. They’d kill billions of people to prevent it. Without constant, wholesale coercion, with multiple Rationalization, Bribe and Threat systems (RBTs), for multiple programs, always growing in scope and number, the whole gig falls apart, the honest people begin to flourish and the liars and thieves, rather than ruling the world, begin to fall hard and fast. No, Young Grasshopper; such a thing will never be tolerated.

    Let the clueless leftists slap around the clueless fools who wear MAGA hats.

    You want to talk about injustice? Consider your paying half, or nearly half, of your income in taxes, as do any among the productive. You’re more concerned about a few lies and threats to a few high school kids? What are the same kids going to pay, under various threats, to the authoritarians over their lifetimes? What amount of their lifetime creative and productive impetus will be quelled, discouraged, insulted and then seized? If I had the choice between being slapped around and lied about once in a while, OR being hounded by dozens of “regulatory” bodies designed to reduce my productivity, AND THEN paying half of all the productive output I manage in spite of it all, in taxes, I’d much prefer the slapping, the insults and the lies if I could be left alone on the big stuff. How about you?

    • This isn’t about what “MAGA” means. I wouldn’t care if were a hat with a swastika on it. It’s about an elected government official “calling for” the infringement of a specific enumerated right and him not being punished (fined, removed from office, etc.) for it.

      • Agreed. I suggest that we enact laws banning stupid politicians. After their trial and sentencing for deprivation of civil rights under the color of law which, I believe, is a Federal Crime ™ and a felony.

      • You might read the SF classic “Lone Star Planet” (available on gutenberg.org). Its approach to politicians is wonderful.

  4. An example of full on stupidity. Our culture and society is over and done with…

    Jeff B.

    • Yep and the only hope is to have our own country without all the leftists in it.

  5. Reading a bit more about this, he apparently was invoking the same language that President Trump used when shutting down immigration and/or entry for residents from various Muslim countries. It was supposed to be a “joke” – although not very funny, far too pointed, and irrelevant anyway. Guy’s still a douchebag.

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