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If you need some damn leader to follow or loathe, please look for a new hobby and/or a better religion: this is the United States and our “leaders” are supposed to be doing the legislative and executive grunt work or making sure the streets run on time and the criminals are kept on the run, not to mention avoiding foreign entanglements and providing for the common defense.  They’re not supposed to be shining examples on a hill in the sunlight whom you should aspire to emulate.  Most of them are lawyers who weren’t all that good at practicing law and thought writing laws might be easier; the evidence suggests they don’t have much knack for that, either.

Roberta X
January 7, 2019
Populism And The Cult Of Victimhood
[Articulating it perhaps a bit more succinctly, I think of them as “public servants.”

Whether you thing of them as “leaders” or public servants completely changes how you think about their role in society.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Roberta X

  1. As things currently are, it doesn’t matter how we think of them. What matters is how they think of themselves. This is not appropriate but it is the way it is. It is going to take a lot of heavy lifting to change this.

  2. The “shining city on the hill” was supposed to be liberty, and the obvious blessings of liberty, serving as an inspiration to the rest of the world for throwing off their tyrants.

    It would never, and could never, have anything to do with WA DC or politicians of any kind or stripe– Liberty can only be served by keeping those people in check.

    The problem with all of this is that evil exists in the world, and that evil will always be attracted to whichever positions of power or authority, or even seeming power or seeming authority, which present themselves. Evil wants it more than you want it, and if you wanted it as much as evil wants it, you’d be serving evil. The instant you have something great, or are suspected of having something great, there will be a thousand parasites plotting to usurp it or get a piece of it via subterfuge, thereby ruining it if for no other reason than to stand atop the dunghill they’ve made of it and crow like cocks. Other people see this behavior in our politicians and they cheer it on.

    I don’t believe that Mankind has the power to free himself except, maybe, very briefly in secluded spaces of the world.

    The criminal mind says, If you built it you stole it from someone, somehow (we’ll figure out how, later), and since you stole it it must rightfully be stolen from you. “Justice” demands it. This is the basis of Critical Theory, or Critical Pedagogy, which is a resident feature in all public schools, universities, media and politics.

    Like Cain killing Able, all criminals have themselves convinced that they’re serving some kind of justice. Thus liberty becomes an injustice which cannot, will not, be allowed to stand. THAT is the problem. How does it get solved?

    Heh; who’s job is it to enforce the Ten Commandments? Certainly not yours or mine.

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