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Here is a new idea, somebody should start a new responsible gun owner organization which will support 2nd amendment and strict gun control.I swear NRA members will leave NRA by droves and sign on with new organization.

Joon B‏ @JoonB3
Tweeted on November 28, 2018
[And someone should start the sister organizations:

  • Which supports the 1st amendment and strict speech, religion, and personal association control.
  • Which supports the 3rd amendment and troops living rent free in your home.
  • Which supports the 4th amendment and unannounced searches of your property, computers, and underwear.

Either Joon B is clueless or they are trolling us. Probably a fake account trolling for the fun of it. They only have four followers after being on Twitter for a year so you know they can’t have significant content of interest to anyone.—Joe]


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  2. Isn’t that org cslled the american hunter and gun association, or something like that?

    They sprung up to cofuse the fuds and give cover to the politicos a while ago.

    • That’s the one. The same technique was used by Felix Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the Soviet secret police under Lenin. He formed a group in Paris to collect all the anti-soviet plots under one organization so he could defeat them at his convenience and for the maximum advantage of the Soviet Union.

    • The National Shooting Sports Foundation has the same relationship to the Second Amendment that an organization for the preservation of pornographic photography would have to the First Amendment. There is some sort of relatedness there, but that wasn’t what the First Amendment was intended to protect.

  3. Translate “Responisible” and “Second Amendment” from Left-Speak to English and it becomes more understandable;

    “Responsible” translates to “Anti-Liberty”.
    “Second Amendment” has no translation because it means nothing. Thus;

    “…somebody should start a new Anti-Liberty gun owner organization which will support strict gun control.”

    That’s been tried at least once before, of course, though I forget that orginization’s name. “Gun Guys” comes to mind. Does anyone remember? It was just like the Shortwave broadcasts I used to listen to out of the Soviet union, for which they hired someone with a perfect, American “Good ol’ Boy” accent, who spoke like your favorite uncle while promoting Communism and Anti-Americanism in the most brilliant ways. Really, extra-clever bullshit, unlike our Joon B@joonB3 here, which only spouts regular, garden-variety bullshit.

    The playbook never changes. Nor does it need to change, because we fall for it often enough even though we know enough about it that we could write it all out ourselves.

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